Zones of growth – thoughts on how to improve Mid Wales’ economy

Many of you may be aware of the proposal to create ‘Growth Zones’ in Powys – at Brecon, Llandrindod Wells and Newtown – roughly equivalent to the new Enterprise Zones created by the government elsewhere in the UK. My opinion is that these are a good idea. The Welsh Government has put out a call for evidence on the proposal and information can be found on its website here. Unfortunately, the deadline for entries is June 1. I’m writing this on May 28 so, if you want to make a…

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Dead weight doesn’t pay – why firms should take the less-travelled way

‘Two paths diverged in a wood and I ‘I took the one less travelled by ‘And that has made all the difference.’ – Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken. I have a lot of time for Kevin Smith, the film director and co-creator of the Smodcast podcast network. Not only does he know the difference between the media and a medium, but he worked out what is wrong with the modern business model, and is pointing the way towards changing it so that people can make a decent living again.…

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