Corporal punishment be damned – this Hinds needs to be smacked

Conservative MP Damien Hinds has launched a scurrilous attack on teachers’ union the NASUWT, after it told its members not to do unpaid work after-hours (for example on after-school sports).

Mr Hinds, a member of Parliament’s Education Select Committee, said, “If everyone in Team GB worked to rule like the NASUWT we would have fewer medals than Australia”.

What a shame this ignorant Tory nit-picker had to bring political point-scoring into the Olympics!

To Mr Hinds, I can say only this: Crawl away and die, you fetid little maggot. The only similarity between Team GB and these teachers is that they all want to do well at their chosen careers. The athletes whose successes we have enjoyed so much over the last two weeks were lucky to have worked within conditions that have helped them do well; the teachers clearly have not been so fortunate and since the conditions of their work are a matter for government ministers such as yourself, it is clearly you who are at fault.

We live in a country with a serious unemployment problem. If you would rather mouth off than do your job, then you should step down and make way for somebody who’s got their priorities right.