When did it become okay for public servants to dictate what we do?

A new aspect of the ‘Poll Tax revival plan to take away your home’ has only just occurred to me, and I wanted to share it with you before it shifts you out of your living-room and onto the street.

As I outlined before, the plan is to scrap Council Tax Benefit from April next year and compel local authorities to set up local council tax support schemes, under orders from central government to reduce the payout by 10 per cent (16 per cent when you consider that pensioners will not be a part of this scheme). This means everyone will pay at least 10 per cent of their council tax bill, or face court proceedings.

The logical result is that the disabled, the unemployed, families with young children and more than 760,000 people who work but earn so little that they currently receive council tax benefit may be forced to move somewhere cheaper, to avoid legal action.

I said before that this was a social cleansing policy, intended to move poor people out of desirable council areas.

But let’s ask ourselves: Would anybody elect a councillor who’s going to push them out of their house? Would you?

Of course you wouldn’t. As a resident of your council area, you elect the councillor you think is going to serve your best interests. The operative word being ‘serve’.

This new policy, part of Eric Pickles’ Localism Bill, reverses the situation. Instead of your councillors serving your best interests, it will ensure that councillors have the power to eject people who don’t serve theirs; whose faces don’t fit. Despite the fact that nobody voted in favour of it, they will assume power over you.

We can see the ideology of the Conservative Party in action here. To them, you and I are not human beings to be respected as equals; we’re animals, to be herded wherever they see fit (or slaughtered, in the case of the disabled). It’s a corrupt way of thinking, but we all know that power corrupts.

With the Localism Bill, they are trying to spread that corruption into local government.

As a concept, it is horrifying enough. We’ll see it in practice next year, when I am sure we will find it to be diabolical.

But let’s look on the bright side. When the dust settles, depending on how they decide to distribute the pain, we’ll all get a nice list of local government’s most corrupt councils.

And when the political tide turns, it’ll be time for us to perform a function that is familiar to every council…

… and take out the rubbish.

3 thoughts on “When did it become okay for public servants to dictate what we do?

  1. kk

    I’ve been told locals here will be expected to pay 20% minimum, up to 40%, and possibly nearly all of it depending on who the council exempt even if disabled – quite shocking ! I can back that up with the docs I’ve got from the local council recently ..the 10 will not be 10%.

  2. Mike Sivier

    John O Millward tweeted: In Wales because 79% of the economy is publicly funded. Toy Town deluded economics.
    I replied: I didn’t think it was 79 per cent but there should be more private business and in Mid Wales people are working on it.

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