Comic Book Conference Season

(I can’t reblog from a Blogspot column, but Sue Marsh’s opinions of the Liberal Democrats, Labour and especially the Tories at conference time are well worth reading)

Cameron, The Joker, will ooze sociopathic idiocy for a week in Birmingham. It may just be that some plebs will have to be admitted and tolerated, but the champagne swilling Baddies will pepper the news with snobby utterances and outrageous put-downs. There will be a Theresa May cat incident or a “Toxic Tories” own goal or two. Beyond the secure zone we will shake our heads and agree that they are unfit to govern.

The words of the Joker will chill us all.

For the rest, go to:

She goes on to say that Labour needs to produce Superman (mixing her superheroes up a little, but we’ll forgive her) if they are to appear electable, and I tend to agree. Whatever Her Majesty’s Opposition pulls out of the bag, it had better be stunning.

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