Disability Issues Finally Break Through at Labour Conference

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I can’t reblog Sue Marsh’s Diary of a Benefits Scrounger, so I have to post excerpts and then point you to the link. Here she is:

This year, disability and the attacks we face are front and centre at Labour conference.

And even Ed, leader of the party, made sure we were there: “You see I think it is incredibly important that to be One Nation we must show compassion and support for all those who cannot work. Particularly the disabled men and women of our country.”

I know politics is a strange, unfathomable game, but leaders make their once-a-year conference speeches in broad strokes… When disability makes it into a leaders speech, we can safely say we’ve broken through.

This year, when I zoom after Jon Cruddas on my scooter or catch up with Michael Meacher at a conference stand, there is recognition, understanding, concern, where other years there was discomfort and a shifty eagerness to escape.

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  1. Anonymous October 4, 2012 at 8:47 am - Reply

    Sounds like the nettle has been firmly grasped then. It seems the government are risk averse in tandem with business, of pouring money into social welfare support.
    First we need to approach the politicians with a dock leaf and show them it stings for a bit, but fair and workable, social and economic inclusion are the engine of growth! If we can make some nettle tea and show business can benefit by adapting to the Remploy model, not the sweatshop one, look closely at what people can do and change attitude and fear and create a caring, inclusive humanity, not just an economy. People drive economies not economy driving people!

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