A mother’s fear – that the GOVERNMENT will steal her child

Here comes the reaper: Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, and the man ultimately responsible for the agony being felt by parents of disabled children across the UK.

It’s a damning indictment of government welfare policy when the mother of a disabled child says state benefits will not cover her child’s needs – and then the government still decides to review whether she should receive them.

“My daughter has a progressive incurable condition and after being told to [do so] time and time again, we applied for DLA,” writes Rebecca Brooks-Weir on the Vox Facebook page.

“Six years into receiving the benefit we received that letter – the one claiming an investigation to review whether I’m spending the money properly.

“I got it today and returned it today… I am shocked and sickened at this letter. I have only ever used the money to support my child and have spent thousands more on her needs because of her disability – like the DLA is even enough!

“Who are these people… MONSTERS!”

That letter would be the BF57B, which goes out to every parent or guardian in receipt of DLA when they renew their claim. The form it contains must be signed before the claim can move forward. It demands that the person signing must agree to a review of their role as parent or guardian.

Ms Brooks-Weir is now living in fear that the government will take away her child, if an office-dwelling pen-pusher decides she is not properly spending the pittance she receives.

I already covered the contents of the letter in ‘Children targeted in latest government attack on the disabled’, so you’ll already know how vague the Department for Work and Pensions’ (yes, them again) criteria are.

This is the sharp edge, folks. Will good mothers lose their children because of the arbitrary value judgements of an out-of-touch regime?

6 thoughts on “A mother’s fear – that the GOVERNMENT will steal her child

  1. Skintus Maximus

    Meanwhile John Bercow Speaker of the House of Commons is trying desperately to stop publication of MP’s expenses from which I can only conclude that they are not spending the money given to them properly…..
    Just a few weeks ago we were expected to have sympathy for MP’s due to the stress caused to them by the new expenses regime…..

    1. Jill.

      But they have no sympathy for the stress & anxiety they’re causing because of the welfare cuts. They’re worrying about whether they can get away with claiming for a new duck house, porn video or carry on scewing their mortgage claims, while the rest of us are worrying about keeping the roof over our heads & how to put food into our mouths & the mouths of our children. They are discusting.

  2. jessicamccarnun

    I had an operation and have been very ill. Because of this I missed the DLA form being returned on time by a few days. They have stopped it and my Carers’ Allowance, and at the end of the month everything stops. Hence why I am trying desperately to get my business off the ground. The programmers took my funding after I paid them to code my site, then they liquidated. I now am using food banks because I can’t meet my overheads because my disabled son comes first before my bills. His care is extortionate. He goes through 10 nappies daily; he can’t use public transport his activities to stimulate him. They don’t care or know what we do for our children. I would die for my son, give him my last morsel of food. What would they do? Watch us starve from their ivory tower. If you know anyone who is struggling with food bills, they can get help from the Trussell Trust x

    1. Jill.

      For goodness sake, go see your local MP & complain & ask the CAB to look into this for you. You can’t let them win. Fight for your benefits. The Government is hoping that people will just give up because of the stress & anxiety the whole system is causing. I know people who have given up on getting their benefits back & are now dependent on family & their partners, but it isn’t right that you should be cowed into such a situation.

    1. Jill.

      We will also need a charity set up to help those who want to appeal after the legal aid system is taken away from them doing so next year.

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