Mitchell resigns, Osborne in trouble… Fit to rule?

On the day Andrew Mitchell finally resigned as Chief Whip after the now-notorious ‘Gate-gate’ incident, George Osborne (the Chancer of the Exchequer) has been found fare-dodging on a train (he was sitting in First Class but had only a standard ticket).

Meanwhile, the man who disrupted the Oxford/Cambridge boat race by swimming in the Thames while it was taking place has received a six-month prison sentence, raising questions about the disparity between punishments for MPs and those for other UK citizens.

Perhaps it really is time for MPs to have some of their own medicine. We’ve had “We’re all in it together” thrust down our throats for two years, now – isn’t it time members of the government took an Atos-style assessment to see whether they’re fit to govern?

Personally, I think the demarcation point suggested by the cartoon is unfair and that they should all be placed in the “sub-normal” category (when I was typing this, my fingers automatically tried to type “sub-moral”. Draw your own conclusion). However, this is an Atos assessment regime, so fairness has nothing to do with it!

2 thoughts on “Mitchell resigns, Osborne in trouble… Fit to rule?

  1. sptfarrell

    Sub-moral without a doubt. Completely detached from the reality of the ordinary person on the street. These people are not fit to be in positions of responsibility let alone power.

  2. Patrick

    They are a democratically elected body, does election turn them sub-moral?
    Says something about the impotence of democracy in a capitalist society really; even if we could kick them out, the replacements would be forced to toe the corporate line! The whole circus will continue to play until capitalism implodes into its own black hole of debt.

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