Who is this overprivileged loon who thinks senior citizens are a burden on the state?

So some gangrenous cadaver calling himself Lord Bichard reckons pensioners should do community work or lose their benefit, does he?

He thinks this will stop them from being a “burden on the state”, according to the BBC website.

If I were a pensioner, I would have got straight on a bus for the House of Lords to demand that he be de-throned, de-frocked or dis-ennobled – whatever it takes to strip him of the title he so clearly doesn’t deserve.

These “burdens on the state” have contributed something like a quarter of their earnings to the state, throughout their entire working lives!

They have helped build up the state, maintained it, and defended it.

They receive a pension – and a meagre sum it is, too – because the state owes it to them in return for all that they have contributed to it!

Now, who wants to talk about how much the state should pay to useless life peers who only turn up at the House of Lords to pick up their allowance and spend the rest of their lives with their heads up their own backsides?

8 thoughts on “Who is this overprivileged loon who thinks senior citizens are a burden on the state?

  1. Gaz Hunter

    Scumbag. I am sick to the back teeth of hearing these over-privileged idiots spout this nasty propaganda about the poor, sick, disabled, elderly and unemployed, They are the worst kind of social parasite and need to be stopped ASAP.

  2. gisellecody

    Worth reading the whole article on BBC site. He is apparently annoyed that younger people don’t share his rancid views and so is using the government trick of demonising pensioners by describing them as a burden on society. Worked with the unemployed and the disabled, didn’t It?

  3. Esther Angel

    I think disemboweled would be my preference for this over-privileged tosser! How dare they try to make out everyone who is entitled to benefits as scroungers when they give away millions in tax relief to their rich friends and big corporations and dine in tax payer subsidised canteens at work?

  4. Joanna Terry

    This is so like Germany in the 1930’s it’s frightening, where do they think they live and who do they think they are and do they really think we are that stupid. Well lord pal bichard just watch your back, your front and your sides because there are an awful lot of people still alive that went through WW2 and they will not forgive you for this. Now why hasn’t that Guillotine turned up yet, I’m sure E-Bay said it was in transit…….

  5. Brian Powell

    Building a house you start base, you build good solid foundations, that way the walls and roof will have something solid to stand on. Building a society is exactly the same as building a house, if you have a good solid foundation, your society will stand forever. If however you keep on chipping away at your base, pretty soon your society will collapse into chaos. Looking after the foundations is the best thing to do, especially now, in times of hardship but, at any time it is the wisest thing to do, for the good in life doesn’t react to gravity, like the government think with their stupid, ‘trickle down’ ideology. Life is more like a bath tub being filled with water, everything rises. As for Lord Bicard and the rest of the Tory party, I wish they would spend, not a day or a week but a year living on what everyone they are so quick to demonise has to live on and then tell us what a great time everyone on benefits has.

    1. Mike Sivier

      In fairness, I should point out that I understand Lord Bichard is a crossbench peer, meaning he doesn’t have any party loyalty. Considering what’s he has said, I think everyone reading this would be justified in pronouncing this “almost as bad”.
      I think your analysis of society is spot-on.

  6. silver

    These rancid,lunatic,right wingers are pushing the poor to far.

    One day it will come back and bite their butt.

    Look at it this way,before they demonised the poor,I paid little attentiontof the rich.Now,they appear to hate us,don’t be surprised if we start hating them.And scrutinise every penny they fiddle.

    This will end badly,people will get hurt,property will be damaged.And the only ones to blame will be those that Condemn us.The ConDems.

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