8 thoughts on “Osborne paddock update: Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

  1. janet renwick

    You didn’t expect them to look for the truth, did you? You have to wear the right old school tie to get any kind of answer except lies and and avoidance tactics from this lot.

  2. Joanna Terry

    Mike, have you seen that article in The Guardian about Murdock and Gen. Prateus, looks as if this rabbit hole is turning into a volcanic wshaft. Thanks for working on this and have a nice few days.

    1. Mike Sivier

      I still haven’t finished working yet! Probably I’ll keep going right up to Christmas.
      Tomorrow’s will probably be about food banks, because they were discussed in PMQs and I’ve been looking at getting one sorted out in the town where I live, so I have a bit of insight on it.
      I have seen the article about Murdoch and Petraeus but I have mixed feelings about it. Sometimes I think Murdoch is just a big distraction; sometimes he’s a player.

  3. Michael Smith

    i think it’s about time some of these people experienced a prison cell as opposed to a paddock, and let’s bring in laws that state any person(s)/organisations found to be stealing OUR money, money used to feed people, save lives and create a nicer environment for us all to enjoy will result in a mandatory life sentence with a minimum 25 years!! lets see how quickly they make do with a council house like the rest of us

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