19 thoughts on “Osborne update: Information sent to Standards Commissioner

  1. Jon

    All very well and good but the missing point is the system itself that allows these multi-millionaires to charge US anything – and we then think it is ok because there is some statute that says it’s ok!

    It f*cking isn’t! And it’s about time the whole rotten lot was brought down.

      1. Jon

        Yeah – but the whole film is more than that. It explains why our social systems and economic systems are the way they are. It explains about banking and how banks create money out of nothing and then charge you interest on it – and more.

        Essentially Mike, you are trying to educate the public – this film expands on that and helps you understand our world and what it is. And as the film says says – to understand something is to be liberated from it….

  2. Chris Tandy

    Once again, stirling work, Mike.
    David against Goliath. But one small stone hitting the odious osBumme right between the eyes can serve to bring him down to his knees.

    1. Mike Sivier

      Don’t get your hopes up, too high!
      If he can worm his way out of this, he will. There’s an additional obstacle, possibly, in that the Select Committee is almost entirely Conservative or Liberal Democrat. I found one Labour member.

      1. Chris Tandy

        Sadly he almost certainly will. But I and many others would still take pleasure in hearing him do so at your expense, Mike.
        And more worming will not do his reputation as a shrewd financial hard-hitting problem-solving c̶h̶a̶n̶c̶e̶l̶l̶o̶r̶…sorry, towel re-folder….. any good whatsoever….

  3. Joanna Terry

    Well done Mike, hard work I know but I’m with you all the way. Is there anything that we could do,like writing additional letters that can help let me know. If we keep up the pressure on these weasels you never know, something may crack.

    1. Chris Tandy

      I think it would be a waste of a metaphorical stamp……I would have thought that Ed M knows all there is to know about The Towelman’s dirty doings; as is usual, will use the office carpet to cover up the dirt.

  4. Mutlee

    You all realise that the correct way to deal with this is for all of us to petition our MPs for a vote of no confidence in this government, and of the monarchic financial regime. Then we take over government, re-write the rules under common law, renounce the UCC, and sling the lot of them in jail for treason, fraud and genocide.

  5. AP

    Mike, I wrote to them and got this reply:

    Thank you for your e-mail of 15 January to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. I have been asked to reply.

    The Commissioner has not accepted a complaint about Rt Hon George Osborne MP. There is therefore no current inquiry into Mr Osborne’s conduct.

    I hope it will be helpful if I explain how the Commissioner works. Before she could inquire into allegations against a Member, the Commissioner would need evidence, sufficient to support an inquiry, that the Member might have breached the Code of Conduct and the rules of the House. The rules on Members’ overnight expenses have been tightened considerably since Mr Osborne’s original expenses claims, and the Commissioner would assess the allegations against the rules as they were at the time of the alleged conduct. Without evidence of a breach of those rules, which had not already been inquired into, the Commissioner would not open an investigation.

    Any questions of criminal conduct would be a matter for the police, not for the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. It would be for the police to comment on any complaint that has been made to them.

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