‘Cash for access’ – Cameron revealed as a repeat offender

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8 thoughts on “‘Cash for access’ – Cameron revealed as a repeat offender

  1. Gracie

    I’ve been blogging about this ever since this lot come in and they are STILL at it, despite Cameron saying he was going to make politics “transparent” and he was going to “clean up politics”!

    Tory “Donorgate” – John Nash – NHS – Care UK – Sovereign Capital – Hedge Fund


    Tory “Donorgate” – A Comprehensive List!


    Another List of Tory Donors (Ones That Exploit Loopholes)


    And many others, it just goes on and on and on and Tories have the brass nerve to have a go at Labour and the unions, at least unions are made up out of thousands of members making small donations.

  2. Henrietta Sandwich

    Ermintrude Beastley says; “One’s Daddy bought one a cabinet minister for one’s birthday”

      1. Henrietta Sandwich

        She puts as much of her lovely money in him as will fit in, and gazes at it, misty eyed, all day long.

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