Is this the way to get through to Iain Duncan Smith?


Someone just posted a story on the Vox Facebook page, that should be familiar to many of you.

He was quoting a person whose cousin was on disability benefit, dying of liver failure. The DWP stopped her benefit and she had to appeal against it, enduring eight weeks of “worry, hopelessness and grief” before dying two days before her family received notification that her appeal had been granted.

This is not an unusual story. In fact, it is the behaviour we have come to expect from the department run by Iain Duncan Smith. He puts innocent people, who deserve their disability benefits, through physical and mental hell, and then they die. He then puts their families through the emotional hell of knowing that their loved one should never have had to go through that terrible process.

But Iain Duncan Smith is supposed to be a member of the Roman Catholic Church with strong religious beliefs.

The Bible (2 John 10-11) says, “whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God”. I’d say the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions is a repeat transgressor in the most satanic way.

So why doesn’t somebody have him excommunicated?

In Catholicism, excommunication is a “medicinal penalty” intended to invite the person to change behaviour or attitude, repent, and return to full communion.

It might be just what he needs to encourage him to repent his wicked ways…

After all, everything else has failed.

50 thoughts on “Is this the way to get through to Iain Duncan Smith?

  1. Michael Parry

    Sorry but I think if there is one place more morally bankrupt than the Tory party it’s the Vatican.

    1. Mike Sivier

      I was hoping the action would affect IDS himself – if he takes his religion so seriously, he might consider the consequences to his eternal soul if he continues in the satanic course of action he is currently pursuing. In that context, he should respect what his religious leaders do. Right?

  2. hugosmum70

    just because a person SAYS hes catholic doesn’t make him one. same as Cameron telling everyone hes a christian doing his christian duty………….bunkum… he wouldn’t know what a christian is.

    1. Mike Sivier

      But having IDS excommunicated because of the effect of his policies would make a very big statement. It would be a win-win situation for those of us who oppose what he’s doing, I think.

  3. Jack Johnson

    It’s very handy being a RC, all they have to do is say”forgive me father for I
    have sinned” and carry on regardless. Tory Blair is catholic and look what
    he did.Religion is away with the fairies.

  4. chris martin

    I worked over 30 years paying heavy taxes due to well paid employment now disability haunts me, benefits were reduced for 12 months until appeal was proven then 2 months no benefit due to clerical errors ,benefits received now at lower rate not what magistrate said perhaps I should sue dwp ? we are people…we are a legion of voters …WE WILL NOT FORGET ..WE WILL NOT FORGIVE ..THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL the crisis we have now has been caused by corrupt politicians and bankers who still insist on ridiculous wages and bonuses whilst the rest of us pay for their mistakes………………….. maybe its time for another guy fawkes…………………..

  5. Martin Kroupa

    Was not Vatican always backwards in its policies and doctrines (the same as conservatives)? They were the last ones who abandoned the myth about the Earth being flat.

  6. Ronnie Gordon

    I reckon if you look close on IDS’s thick skull you’ll find three sixes marked on it. He’s the scum of the planet..

    1. Muiris Mag Ualghairg

      So, do as I’m doing and declare that you won’t receive communion if Iain Duncan Smith is there and receiving communion. Being a Christian of faith means that I can’t, in all honesty, accept communion with him as I believe his beliefs are anti-Catholic and anti-Christian. We, as Christians, should take personal decisions not to share communion with him as any communion with him would be false and not true.

  7. Anthony Hall

    He is not Satanic. Depending on how one understands evil, it could be argued that this hateful man is a manifestation of Satan himself. I have not seen such hatred and bile vented on the vulnerable since the events in Nazi Germany. This man is the epitome of evil.

  8. nikki

    This man has no heart or soul ,in fact he seems to relish in the misery and suffering of others ,makes you wonder if deep inside he is one lonely,mixed up person felt loved as a child perhaps ,afterall how can someone without serious issues not have compassion

  9. hugosmum70

    its not just IDS though is it? its Cameron,Osbourne and to a lesser degree Clegg…think he was taken in by the cons as much as his voters were with him.i wont say the whole Tory party as it seems a lot of them are coming down against some of the things that the PM etc are doing now.though they too have blood on their hands for what they’ve allowed then to get away with up-to press.

  10. Dave Grant

    IDS believes that what he is doing is right. This is why he’s so dangerous. He isn’t like a normal snout-in-the-trough politician. He’s more like a religious zealot and will probably have all the biblical “justification” for his actions at this fingertips. Yes, it would be great if the RC church sanctioned him for his cruelty, but these are the guys who gave us the Spanish Inquisition and all the other horrors. IDS is just carrying on the good old RC tradition.

    1. Dave Grant

      It’s weird with Cameron since he had a disabled child who died, you would think he’d have more empathy. My partner (who is disabled herself) has a theory that he is projecting his “survivor guilt” onto the disabled. It’s possible — but I reckon that Cameron and Osborne are privileged toffs who just don’t have a clue what life is like for us plebs. They see the cuts and welfare “reforms” as numbers on a spreadsheet and don’t connect them with the human suffering that they cause.

      1. hugosmum70

        a lot of people have that theory about Cameron and his dead disabled child. or very similar anyway. most people though would be more inclined to help others who are disabled after an experience like that unless its a case of “why are you alive when my child is dead” syndrome.
        but it could also be the toff with no heart syndrome (hadn’t thought of it being numbers on a spreadsheet thing i must admit)..i doubt they have any sleepless nights wondering what life is like except for them and their cronies… ethnic cleansing as in 1930’s/40’s Germany …now there are too many similarities to that situation going on here,we plebs ,ill, poor, disabled, unemployed …we being this particular govt’s ethnics….very very scary, they dont connect those numbers with human beings at all. we are aliens. something breathing in their air and polluting it. as far as they are concerned.

      2. anon

        Murdoch was rumoured to have tapped DC’s phone and caught a conversation between him and his wife, relating to this child and something along the lines of the Liverpool Care Pathway. There has allegedly been an MP3 if this floating around online which reputedly gets taken down in short order whenever it gets posted.

    1. Mike Sivier

      I’d rather not entertain conversations about that kind of thing. Here at Vox Political we prefer the gentle art of persuasion. Otherwise the page would be… I don’t know… KNOCKS Political?

  11. Thomas

    His soul is hell-bound allready. Unless Dicken’s Three Spirits of Past,Present and Future get him to change his ways perhaps.

  12. Angie

    I’m sorry to put cold water on the IDS being a Roman Catholic and the excommunication thinking it would make him change his way but it did not work for Henry VIII what make’s people think it will work with this apology for a human being.

    1. Muiris Mag Ualghairg

      It may not make him change his views and I doubt it would but it would send a signal to the whole world that this isn’t Catholic teaching, and int would let God know that we do not accept this man’s actions. The Tory party is flying kites for preventing help for more than two children, if that isn’t a direct incentive to abort the extra children I don’t know what is – how can we accept that and remain Catholic, the only way is to refuse communion to those doing this or if the church won’t act for us, as Catholics in good conscience, to act on our own initiative and declare publicly that we will not receive communion with IDS and if we see him at mass to make that clear before mass starts so that others know that we aren’t rejecting communion with the body of Christ but rather with a man who breaks Catholic Social Teaching and is causing scandal to the faithful.

      1. Mike Sivier

        I’m not a Catholic myself, but if he was a member of my faith who worshipped at my church, this is what I would do. In all honesty, it seems the only logical choice for people of faith, in the knowledge of the behaviour you mention.

        In addition, you and other Catholics might consider petitioning senior members of the church in both this country and at the Vatican, as his behaviour clearly creates a conflict for people on your branch of Christianity, in the way you describe. That might be extremely effective as any decision from church leaders would be newsworthy and would have ramifications beyond the personal.

  13. anon

    In fact the RCC has a list of “Sins that Cry to Heaven for Vengeance”, which include:

    * Oppression of the poor esp. widows, orphans and strangers for which the Catechism of the Catholic Church cites Exodus 22:20–23.
    * Defrauding laborers of their wages – based on Deut 24:14–15 and James 5:4

    Re: excommunication, as I recall, the Catechism of the Catholic Church basically says that when a person commits a mortal sin, they automatically excommunicate themselves. Should they then carry on receiving Holy Communion, they are committing an extra mortal sin every time.

    When a person goes to Confession they must evince contrition and are required to give a solemn undertaking to make every effort not to commit the sin again, in order to be absolved. If they lie about this to the priest, then they are actually still not forgiven in the sight of God, and the lying is yet a further mortal sin racked up.

    If a parish priest or bishop believes that a communicant is attempting to receive communion while in a state of excommunication, they are expected to refuse to administer communion to that person.

    It would only need IDS’s PP to realise that he may be out of communion with the Church (including when he voted for gay marriage in opposition to the RCC), for him to withhold Communion. He may even be doing so already – but IDS would be likely to still queue up at Communion time for a blessing (which he’d still be entitled to), and it would take someone with very sharp eyes to pick out whether an actual Host was being administered or not.

  14. delazouch

    Easy…. lets all have a whip round sure some hit man out there we can pay to put a hit on 3 top plebs…
    DC, IDS, MH, people fight back and have a whip round,, make others think twice they work for us …

    1. Mike Sivier

      Perhaps I should reiterate: You won’t change the minds of the public with a bullet. Persuasion is the only way. People must believe that there is a better way, not being taken. Otherwise they’ll just vote in some other interchangeable fool with the same policy.

  15. hugosmum70

    they will only find another leader. possibly just as odious or not far off…. though as i understand it. if DC stopped being PM for what ever reason, his successor would not automatically become PM. as its a coalition government and not one formed from one party alone, there would have to be an election. this is what i have been given to understand anyway. correct me if this is wrong.

  16. Martin Kroupa

    A Nazi bureaucrat and ‘Protector’ of Bohmen and Mahren SS Obergruppenfuehrer Reinhard Eugen Tristan Heydrich was assassinated by a team of British-trained agents of the Czechoslovakia government in exile in 1942. Thousands of innocent people were murdered and two entire villages flattened to the ground by his successor Colonel-General Kurt Daluege. Beware of con-dems!

  17. Silver

    In as much as I hate George Ian Duncan Smith,I have to agree with Mike,his assassination would only make us as bad as them.
    Somehow,in the past,evil regimes have always perished.

    In 1940,anyone would have thought Britain was finished.But Hitler made a few stupid mistakes that cost him dearly.He did not unleash all his might at Dunkirk,allowing us to get many of our soldiers home.He thought we would negotiate a treaty with him,allowing him to run amok in Europe without bothering with us.Then he delayed invasion of the UK giving us time to prepare.Then,most stupidly of all,he started to bomb cities instead of airfields,giving our depleted RAF,who ware greatly outnumbered,time to rebuild.

    I often think divine intervention helped us in our darkest hour.And at the end of the day,evil will be vanquished again.Then people of Smiths Ilk will one day meet their maker to account for their deeds.

    And there will be great wailing,and gnashing of teeth awaiting them.But I will try not judge,lest I be judged.

  18. Martin Kroupa

    Hitler could not concentrate on Dunkirk mainly because he had to divide his armies between the East and the West after he attacked former Soviet Union. He had also spent some of his armies in Northern Africa before he moved their remnants to English Channel. Yes, and he bombed civilian targets instead of focusing on strategic points such as airfields and army barracks in England. He was inevitably bound to lose because he had opened too many fronts at the same time.

    I mentioned this for comparison because I can see some similarities in IDS. But mind, IDS is just one of a bigger bunch of arseholes, put in the forefront. Similar austerity policies are applied to workers all over EU (social market) by other scambags, like IDS. He appears to be slightly ahead of the others though (free market).

    Hittler, before he became a dictator, was a politician for National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Notice the words socialist and workers in it. How ironic! He used the Great Depression to make German labour fanatical with his ideas of Nordic race superiority over others. Ultimately, he wanted other nations to be his slaves and he turned Germans into soldiers. It is not without significance he also employed American IBM and General Motors in his racist expansions. Many working class people found jobs in the arms industry because of war. For his enemies he had gas, bullets and work camps (‘arbeit macht frei’)

    IDS also pretends DWP wants to help people back to work with his sick ideas of workfare etc. But he has a different kind of weaponry: Turning off the trickle of social security benefits for the ones dependent on them can replace the bullets and gas Hitler had used. IDS has wrapped himself in extortionate bureaucracy which gives jobs to his followers and sucks money from the state.

    No, now, it is not about superiority of one race over another. It is about superiority of the super rich who want get gain absolute power over everybody else. A new society where success would be measured by money only. All other good values in people would be abandoned. There would be a lot of policies changed from day to day to suit their purpose. It would give work their following bureaucrats. All others would equally be made slaves (possibly with equality & diversity policy in place too).

    I do not think IDS is just a disfigured character of his own but a part of an evil current.

  19. billy1872

    I know the catholic church was fond of excommunicating IRA men, some priests even refused to officiate at their funerals, but of course these IRA members were from ordinary, working class backgrounds, so that made them legitimate targets for excommunication, unlike the Smith’s of this world, who are exempt, seemingly because of their wealth, it certainly can’t be anything else, the fella has no redeeming features (in any sense of the word)

    1. Muiris Mag Ualghairg

      The odd thing is that over the years the church excommunicated Irish Republicans time and time again and yet when the very same people ended up being the Government in Southern Ireland, the Church suddenly forgot all about its previous ex-communications of these people as if they had never happened. I understand that Michael Collins was technically excommunicated a number of times but when he was transformed from Michael Collins the IRA man to General Michael Collins of the Irish Freestate Army (with the same ‘gunmen’ under him and around him) he actually had a military chaplin – odd that.

  20. HeartRight

    If you had read the Catholic Times you would have been aware that there was quite a lot of pressure to get him excommunicated. As matter of fact, it became rather clear to him that he was well on his way towards getting excommunicated. His support for gay marriage – since dropped – in clear defiance of Cannonical Law made him a Heretic, a reprobrate and a reprehensible person. The same pressure should be applied on any other policitian who suports gay ‘marriage’.

    Republicanism is in direct contradiction with the Doctrine of the Church, and likewise, an excellent ground for Excommunication.

    But since Social Gospel is NOT part of Dogma, I am at a loss to see how IDS’ ‘social’ standpoints make him a fit object for Excommunication.

    But personally, I shall once again refuse to vote for the Tories, as I am personally rather in favour of making the Social Gospel official Dogma.

  21. ray

    Ids is doing no more than carrying through the long term plan of absolute power of a ruling elite, begining in earnest historically with the land clearances with its former underwritten learning from the Norman invasion, of landless serfdom.Then it all mutated into industrial capitalism and robotic slavery. A couple of counterfeit contrived global wars later and the birth of global corporations grabbing resources, monopolising anything with a pulse,US abandoning the gold standard due to bankrupts`y due to the Vietnam war. Into the Fed. and the B of E printing monopoly money,into the mad witch and monkey boy Ronnie as the
    “Ronnie and Maggie” show operating their new found messiah Milton Friedman and the gospel of Monetarism plus the wicked witches use and transfer of North sea resources wealth to the pockets of her masters and keeping her in power to do more dirty deeds not least the Falklands, to which we are still paying for and will continue along with the sell off of all the family silver.So it is thus the fascist genre produce their clones = IDS and all such ilk.Smirking G W Bush, Turncoat Blair,all out the same mold, they are manufactured and legion created by their masters of Mamon, those of the Red Shield and associates. Its all there in the real history revealed as it is by the fullness of time. All seems remote folks but its all connected and when seen it becomes very clear what is happening to us and why. The motives are very easy to comprehend, its the methods that are hard to work out for they can only be successful if created in collusion and secrecy that is its power.The promotion and cultivation of living evil as opposed to the mythical of belief texts, shows as it has in the past, a banal face and folks obeying orders or only doing their job.Always the other guy who is to blame.IDS is a pathetic and contemptible form of low life cultivated to operate the inhumanity he does.The real problem are the hidden ones, these are the true generators of the plight of the poor exploited populace of our country and planet. If you want to bring them low it will take a hundred years of unity and intelligent destruction with much suffering of the innocent initially,not popular,and hard to do before the creation of a better world for all. My bet is that is just what the elite would claim they are doing now !! but they are not are they, logic ,history, perception and human intuition will always reveal the vile scum for what they really are. for all those in despair,weary though you are,for the sake of preserving our humanity fight, go down swinging, it`s the one thing that hollows out the lives of these parasites and forces them to face their own worthless existence.May your god go with you.

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