IDS – the most vile product of ‘welfare UK’

The parallel here should be obvious to anyone who's seen the newspapers today.

The parallel here should be obvious to anyone who’s seen the newspapers today.

Dept. of ‘Giving Them A Taste Of Their Own Medicine’: The Daily Mail’s front page today is itself, of course, entirely vile.

It is an attempt to make us believe that every single benefit claimant in the UK is as evil as Mick or Mairead Philpott, who were convicted yesterday of killing six of their own children.

The claim is the kind of utter nonsense we have come to expect from the paper commonly dubbed the ‘Daily Heil’ or (as in the image above) the ‘Daily Fail’ – and it has sparked widespread fury.

We all know that it is ridiculous to claim that everybody on social security benefits is evil.

And we all know that you don’t have to be an evil person to receive social security benefits – look at the current government!

In fact, let’s look at the Secretary of State responsible for social security benefits – he likes to call them “welfare”, possibly because it gives him a feeling of superiority over their recipients. This is interesting in itself, because he used to be one of them.

Iain Duncan Smith was on the dole for several months during 1981, after leaving the Scots Guards, where he famously enjoyed a career as a bag-carrier for a higher-ranking officer. Did he get out by finding a job? Hard to tell. What we do know is that he married the very wealthy Betsy, daughter of a very wealthy man, the following year. In other words, he got off benefits by marrying into money. That’s not evil in itself, but how many of us have that option?

I don’t propose to rehash the hypocrisies of Iain Duncan Smith in full here, but I will quote three relevant paragraphs from the Edinburgh Eye piece I reblogged earlier today, as follows:

“He has four children, yet argues that families with more than two children ought to be sanctioned: in 2009 he took six months paid leave without notice to care for his wife when she was desperately ill, yet has instigated changes in benefit to ensure that neither sick people nor their carers will be supported. In 1981, jobless and unqualified, he took full advantage of the welfare safety net to claim benefits for months while looking for suitable work, yet in a recession as bad as that of thirty years ago he claims graduates are “snooty” if they don’t agree to work for Poundland for free. While attending further education for two short periods, IDS gained no qualifications, and asserts that shelf-stackers are more valuable than scientists. While benefiting hugely from MP expenses, Iain Duncan Smith tells many untruths about the cost of people claiming disability and welfare benefits.

“Iain Duncan Smith has made many speeches in favour of law and order. Yet when IDS’s workfare sanctions were ruled unlawful by the courts, instead of accepting that millions taken unlawfully would have to be repaid and that people unlawfully made to work for commercial organisations for free had a claim to minimum wage for their hours (or, if determined to fight lawfully for welfare, proceding to the Supreme Court for a further appeal) IDS decided to have emergency legislation passed making his unlawful sanctions retroactively lawful.

“Iain Duncan Smith lives in a large and comfortable home which he does not own and which it’s doubtful he pays market rent for, yet has instigated the bedroom tax. The idea behind the “bedroom tax” is that the housing shortage can be remedied not by building more social housing or by preventing bankers from gambling on house price rises, but by forcing people who live in social housing and have a “spare room”, to move out into private rented accommodation of a more suitable size. This won’t save money at any level (Iain Duncan Smith calls this the ending the spare-room subsidy).”

And there remains the matter of the 73 people per week, on average (and that average was reported nearly a year ago, so it may well have risen massively since then), who are dying as a result of the pressures put on them by the merciless Employment and Support Allowance assessment regime for people who have long-term sicknesses or are disabled.

If the Philpotts are a “vile product of welfare UK”, then is Iain Duncan Smith – who admits he has been on the welfare system, equally vile?

This week, he was in the news because he claimed on the BBC’s Today programme that he could survive on £53 per week if he had to, after market trader David Bennett said the bedroom tax meant he must now live on that amount.

Almost immediately, a petition by Dom Aversano appeared on the website, calling for him to put his money where his mouth is.

His reaction? “This is a complete stunt which distracts attention from the welfare reforms which are much more important and which I have been working hard to get done. I have been unemployed twice in my life so I have already done this. I know what it is like to live on the breadline.” (Quoted from the Wanstead and Woodford Guardian).

In other words, this slimeball is trying to slither out of it! Could this possibly be because he knows the benefit regime he has instigated is much harsher than the system he enjoyed in 1981 (and again in 1989) and he knows he would not fare well as a part of it?

The report of this story in The Guardian seems intentionally hilarious. It states: “The Daily Mail [that rag again] reported Duncan Smith as saying: ‘It was a shock – absolutely awful. I felt pathetic. I remember telling my wife. We looked at each other and she said: “God, what are we going to do for money?”‘”

The report continues, straight-faced: “Duncan Smith’s wife, Betsy, is the daughter of the 5th Baron Cottesloe who served as lord-lieutenant of Buckinghamshire in the 1980s and 1990s. Duncan Smith and his wife, who sent their children to Eton, moved into Lord Cottesloe’s 17th-century Old House in the village of Swanbourne in Buckinghamshire in 2002.”

What were they going to do for money, indeed!

He is a man who has played the system for all he could take and then changed it to make sure nobody else could enjoy the benefits he received. He is a man who talks a good fight but runs away from supporting his words with real action.

If ‘welfare UK’ has any ‘vile product’ at all, then it must be Iain Duncan Smith.

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47 thoughts on “IDS – the most vile product of ‘welfare UK’

  1. Alec

    HE works for US….and WE should be able to set his pay…..take the £53 test for 3 months or resign

  2. Anne Selby

    What are going to do for money? Never mind dear, I’ll blag a loan from my father Lord Cottesmore and we can move into a cottage on his estate, Daddy will let us have it rent free! And when the boys go to Eton they’ll just have to have plain old liver pate in their tuck boxes instead of Pate de Foie Gras! We’ll manage dear old Dunkie Poo, don’t worry.

    Unemployed and living off £53 a week, my gold plated arse. The man is an out and out liar and scoundrel. I wonder how his kids react when they see their father being branded as a liar, murderer and a coward? Other kids can be cruel, or maybe they are grown up and trying to pretend he has nothing to do with them. I am amazed that he managed to find a woman who was prepared to give him children. Does Betsy have a white stick and guide dog? Mind you wasn’t she the woman who IDS said had cancer and so therefore he knew what cancer patients were going through? He’s as bad as Cameron using his dead disabled child for winning votes.

    I don’t know who voted for this shower of crap, but they ought to be ashamed of themselves.

    1. Mike Sivier

      Iain Duncan Smith inherited Norman Tebbit’s ‘safe’ seat of Chingford. Conservatives always win Chingford, so you may blame the citizens of that constituency for having no taste.

  3. Bluecat

    It should also be pointed out that when millionaire liar and ratbag Irritable Duncan Syndrome signed on, JSA was 20% of average wage: not comfortable, by any means, but liveable for short periods.

    Nowadays it’s 11% of average wage – and his government is forcing people to work unpaid for 30 hours a week in order to claim it. Plus the sanctions which are applied at whim (and which IDS has twice falsely denied there are targets for) and result in people losing even that pittance for weeks and months at a time.

    The experience of signing on in the 80s (which given the Tories were in power then as well was an experience many of us had) is not really comparable to what it happening today.

  4. fairness for all

    spot on I couldn’t agree more . I fear for every man woman and child in this country who are not fortunate enough to be in the top % of earners . Empathy , compassion indeed morals of any kind seem to have gone out of the window . The rich are getting richer off the backs of those less fortunate than themselves . By the time the tories have done this country will be on its knees everything will be privatised and we all know who benefits from that . Surely it is time to call for a vote of no confidence in this government who nobody actually voted in before the country is damaged beyond repair . First they went after the sick , disabled and the unemployed now they are going after every man woman and child of this country . The government have stated they will not cut the minimum wage however they could not guarantee it will not be frozen…….. erm isn’t frozen in real terms a cut ? seeing as everything is going up in price . Do they really think folk are thick and can’t see through their spin ?

  5. Rob Atkinson

    An excellent exposé of a proven hypocrite and opportunist who is currently squirming like the snake he is in an effort to backtrack from his glib, arrogant and ridiculous statement. Brilliant piece which, with its effective side-swipe at the appalling Daily Mail, neatly kills two birds with one stone.

  6. heather buchanan

    Fantastic truthful article nice to see someone tells the truth the real truth and true effects

  7. judith hig

    Excellent article. I believe dennis nielson worked in a job centre! Make of that what you will.

  8. Stephan Toth

    Well what can an intelligent person say to this stupidity or should I say out and out criminal corruption and treason by our leaders.

    The only real solution for the British people is expressed in this blog “WHY WE NEED A TOTALLY NEW POLITICAL SYSTEM” found at and is supported by this forum post 2nd (3 Million) Email Campaign Sent Out On 3rd April 213 found at which fully describes the scams of the British taxpayer conducted by the interaction of the four members branches of the Bilderberg Group. However, when it comes to government corruption this video by a retired Police Commissioner says it all

  9. Stephan Toth

    Hmmm, I wonder if my post will be posted or if this site is part of the government propaganda machine and only post marginal content that is politically correct. I will come back and see.

    1. Mike Sivier

      As long as a comment isn’t abusive, or offensive to minorities, I’ll approve almost anything. Vox Political readers tend to be fairly good at making up their own minds about the people posting those comments.
      “Government propaganda machine”? I should bleedin’ cocoa!

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  11. Jujayhan

    How can the Conservatives be allowed to stay in power for another 2 years? Seriously? This country isn’t theirs to do with as they please, the money isn’t theirs, the fate of all the UK citizens isn’t theirs to decide. They need to be out of Government….NOW! Surely if enough people want this it can be done…..while we can. Next thing will be anyone on “welfare” can’t vote, anyone with a spare room can’t vote, anyone earning less than £100,000 a year can’t vote…..they would sink to those depths given a chance……something needs to be done to protect this country from those lunatics!

    1. Sisternotorious

      I COMPLETELY AGREE!! since this bunch of millionaires came into power, the views of the public have been completely ignored. We did not want the NHS privatised, Legal Aid withdrawn, Workfare, Bedroom Tax and Minimum Wage frozen to mention just a few of the horrors they have inflicted. None of this was mentioned before the last election. They have pushed their own agenda and ridden rough shod over everyone, changing the rules as they go along. My biggest concern originally was the NHS, they completely ignored the views of the GP’s, Nurses, hospital workers, refusing to answer questions, indeed refusing to release most information on it until it went through Parliament. Its an outrage. When are people going to wake up.! We need to act NOW!!
      This decifit is a smokescreen enabling them to do whatever they like. If they are not removed NOW it will be too late. Jujayhan’s comments will prob become our reality. With our economy being starved, no building of new homes, unemployment high and a triple dip recession they should have a vote of NO CONFIDENCE and be removed from office. Why are we still paying their salaries for complete failure. Its obscene.

      1. Jujayhan

        I can’t even imagine where it will end. They are inciting more rascial hatred in this country than we have seen for years, they are inciting hatred towards vulnerable people on welfare, they are indoctrinating people to believe the NHS is not working in order to destroy it, they are tinkering around with the Human Rights bill and demoralising just about every working class citizen in Britain! They are nasty and dangerous with no moral fibre or compassion. Another two years may be too late!

      2. The Reaper

        I don’t know how to hack, but if I did then I would be into every Tory tax dodging Parasites PC to grind out the details of their criminality. Someone PLEASE do this.

      3. The Reaper

        All I can say is watch and note what these parasites do very carefully. For instance if a disabled person is assaulted and it can be traced back to them – or to Dacre – then complain, complain, complain and so on. Incidentally I note that that there is currently an outbreak of measles among children. Was it not the Dacre Mail who supported the charlatan who said that the MMR jab was dangerous which resulted in children’s deaths. Any grounds for prosecution there?

  12. Workhouse

    Where to begin with this disgusting piece of Hate Speech, (it is certainly not journalism!) is difficult.

    Hate speech is defined as communication that vilifies a person or a group based on discrimination against that person or group.
    Many have argued that the term “Hate Speech” is a modern example of Newspeak (the fictional language of Orwell’s 1984), used to silence critics of social policies that have been poorly implemented in a rush to appear politically correct.

    Scapegoating is the practice of singling out any party for unmerited negative treatment or blame as a scapegoat. A medical definition of Scapegoating is – Process in which the mechanisms of projection or displacement are utilised in focusing feelings of aggression, hostility, frustration, etc upon another individual or group. The amount of blame being unwarranted.

    So 10/10 IMHO for this Daily Rag (on both counts) whose writers have the temerity to call themselves journalists.
    The idea that evil is perpetrated by only one socio economic group and that all that is wrong with this country can be solved overnight by getting rid of that group, leaves me sick to my stomach.
    I believe at this point I should list some comparatively evil crimes perpetrated by non welfare claimants should be pointed out….

    Dr Harold Shipman – approx 300+ deaths although the real figure will never be known.

    Dennis Nilsen – 15+ deaths, worked for the British Army, the Metropolitan Police and as a civil servant.

    Peter Sutcliffe – 13+ deaths, Lorry Driver.

    Ian Brady & Myra Hindley – 5 deaths, worked at a chemical company.

    John Cooper – 4 deaths, an oil refinery worker who also won £94,000 in 1978 on a spot the ball prize ( a substantial amount of money for that time)

    Peter Moore – 4 deaths, ran a theatre and cinema in North Wales.

    Beverly Allitt – 4 deaths, a nurse.

    Ian Huntley – 2 deaths, school caretaker.

    Just a few of the many sickening examples I could list. (There is not enough time in one day to list them all) In conclusion, to claim that the manslaughter of six innocents, by a Psychopath As “A Vile Product Of Welfare “ Is almost as nasty and evil as Philpott is. I am not a legal expert but feel sure that your vile diatribe, satisfies the definition of Hate Speech.
    I wonder how your high horse will feel when an innocent is attacked or killed simply for being poor or disabled and were attacked because of your obscene and relentless rhetoric against the welfare system, simply to earn a pat on the head from your political masters.

      1. Workhouse

        For reasons beyond my socio economic group mentality, the Daily Mail no longer post my comments and strangely even my red and green arrows seem inoperative. Setting the truth free in a time of universal deceit is considered to be a reason for censorship, it would seem. c’est la guerre!

  13. The Reaper

    Like all the Tory tax dodging parasites in this miserable government, Duncan Smith is par for the course. And like his fellow parasites he has never done a proper days work in his life. He is a bullying thug who enjoys kicking the disabled. He sleeps in a coffin in the family crypt. I would imagine that his “military” career was arse licking his superiors and being “beastly” to the other ranks. But like all Tory parasites he has skeletons in his closet. Tax dodging? Hidden wealth? Oh for a HACKER! As for the “deeply religious” Dacre. One day he will have to face his maker – I shall be waiting.

    1. Jujayhan

      I don’t know what the alternative is! I have been a life long Labour supporter but I fear they are just as corrupt as the vermin we have now, small differences for show but the same money making scams and lies. I am very scared that UKIP are looking appealing to the naive in Britain, they feed off the Tory racial and welfare hate campaign and make ridiculous promises they won’t be able (or allowed, hopefully) to keep.

  14. Jj

    Oh Iain, just man up, shut up, take your previously self-endorsed pay cut and be thankful you can even command £53 for the lack of results you deliver..
    Does it actually matter if it is a “stunt” or a “distraction”?
    Does that hold any bearing on the feasibility that Mr Duncan Smith attributes to that level of subsistence?
    Of course it doesn’t. The truth is, Mr Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms and testimonial garbage are the true distractions and stunts. Distractions to veer the gullible away from the obvious spectre of unemployment and poverty that he has been propagating and bolstering since taking office.


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