5 thoughts on “The Blame Game

  1. Big Bill

    The wealthy in question should be referred to as the predator classes, not as any kind of elite.

  2. Carole Frost

    they always blame each other when we know the truth they are the biggest liars next to thatcher this coalision government always want to blame someone else they have caused the worst damage in history .

  3. beetleypete

    This is all good stuff. However, let’s not forget the awful Blair/Brown pseudo-Tories were far from blameless. Not least for their complete betrayal of the working classes, trade unions, and other socialists that put them in power in the first place. Keep it up! Regards, Pete.

    1. kittysjones

      I’d sooner have 20 Blairs than just the one Cameron, and I am no fan of Blair by any means. As a sick and disabled person I didn’t fear for my life under Blair’s government, or Browns. I do now.

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