FAKE DWP ‘psych test’ reveals sinister govt mind-control

The Coalition’s control experiments continue. Here, Steve Walker shows how a fake personality test is a scam designed to manipulate the unemployed – and reveals the far more sinister thinking behind it.

16 thoughts on “FAKE DWP ‘psych test’ reveals sinister govt mind-control

  1. janemccourtane

    It’s uncanny, I got the same results as you! Yes, without answering any of the questions…….it’s really profound. Now I will put in answers to see what revelations occur this time.

  2. Claire Peach

    I have MASSIVE issues with this as a compulsory thing but in terms of programming a friend who does programming advises me: ” If you’re programming something like that you’d tell it to list the qualities that scored highest and you’d have to program in some way of dealing with a tie-break. It’s badly programmed in that it should have a routine in there to check that you haven’t left all the questions blank (and that should have been in their testing, but government bodies are notorious for skimping on the testing phase of any development), but that’s different from being fake or even FAKE. The programmer probably didn’t think that anyone would deliberately leave all the questions blank (which does raise questions of what planet he/she’s been living on and whether he/she’s ever MET any real people) but the analyst should have caught it.’

  3. janemccourtane

    I tried answering ‘next’ , then ‘not very much like me’ and then ‘very much like me’: all results were the same. Reminds me of a Work Programme multiple guess at profiling me, the jobseeker; basically unless you answered everything completely positively re: yourself and abilities you were leaving yourself open to criticism/ room to be sanctioned i.e. with lots of areas to IMPROVE to get that enigmatic/non-existent/extremely poorly paid, usually part-time, temporary job. It is another way to trap the vulnerable and bamboozle with time-wasting activity. This is a nonsense, so I expect the next one will be heavily endorsed by a compliant psychiatrist or psychologist 😉

  4. calvin227

    okay less of the hysteria … I have conducted this test from several different points of view … and all it reveals is some basic ideas of skill sets that can be built on … there is no instruction, merely suggestion to increase one’s skillset … the interpretation of this as some sort of mind control is laughable !

    1. Workhouse

      Skill sets that can help that can be built on? You are consuming too much fluoride or perhaps, just had a recent vaccination? What do skill sets do for you when there are no jobs? When 16 hours is considered full time employment? When the basic living wage is being undermined? good job! keep watching the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation. Clearly it will show you all you know and all you need to know.

    1. Mike Sivier

      To be honest, I thought my post about feudalism (or neo-feudalism) would be the one everyone dismissed as ‘hysteria’. As far as this is concerned, I’m finding all the responses absolutely fascinating!

  5. hrafndot

    will go back and read feudalism (didn’t read through lack of time). Just thought using freudian terminology a bit tasteless in this context, Need to keep things gender neutral, I think.

      1. hrafndot

        They say “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” but I think copying with a slight misspelling someone’s twitter tag to be an unpleasant form of TROLLING

  6. hekatetrimorphe

    Well Nguyen looks linked in to the Tories even if he is a civil servant. I looked him up on Linked in and his profile showed he did a “gap year” post of some sort at the Adam Smith Institute, a pro-“market forces” think-tank, and there was one “recommendation” (not sure who was recommending whom) of Madsen Pirie – name sounded familiar, I looked him up, he was a founder of the Adam Smith Institute, used to help the Tories come up with ideas like privatisation, a big fan of Hayek, etc. etc.

  7. cely

    pseudo-psych tests just like their pseudo medicals run by Atos… based on subjective data not impirical and therefore has no basis in scientific fact. In other words “a load of bollocks”.

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