Breaking: DWP unit STOLE Seligman’s test

Criminality rears its head in the heart of the Coalition government YET AGAIN! Not only did the DWP break both UK and EU law by running (fake) psychometric tests on jobseekers without getting informed consent, but the so-called ‘Nudge Unit’ that devised the project has STOLEN the test from its US creators. These people didn’t get permission to use the questions and are now facing legal action from abroad. One wonders if the government will be able to squash that kind of litigation, in the same way some of us fear it does with home-grown cases!

13 thoughts on “Breaking: DWP unit STOLE Seligman’s test

  1. Liz727

    Legal action? Serves ’em bloody well right! However, fed up paying for their myriad mistakes. Whoever stole it, pay the settlement out of your own damn pocket!

    1. Cheryl Rowlands

      Unfortunately, any fine imposed will be paid, as usual, by the British taxpayer

  2. guy fawkes

    Is this government deliberately trying to hike up the benefits bill with litigation costs, so that they can anger the tax payer enough to cut welfare again to the poorest. The whole lot of them should be put up against a wall and shot.

  3. sparaszczukster

    If the mainstream TV news channels don’t report this scandal we should get out there on the streets and make them listen. I can’t begin to describe how angry this makes me!!
    And if you need more convincing of how naff the Nudge lot are, check out this paper they wrote about how to conduct randomised trials. In it they claim that by doing these trials they can ‘prove’ their back to work interventions are the only factor involved in getting people jobs. They completely ignore any real social factors such as availability of jobs, geographical area, wage rates, travel costs, childcare costs or whether its full or part time or temporary work. No self respecting social scientist would put their name to this rubbish. I’m with guy fawkes and the firing squad idea.

  4. brian boyle

    Haha i love it its fail after fail for them even hardcore tory voters are starting to wonder

  5. Andrew de Riemer

    After the “quash” of Britain’s high court ruling, on “Diego Garcia”, is there ACTUALLY a QUESTION about “the bottom line”? The U.$. & U.K._ DISGU$TING “BED-BUD$”!

  6. Joan

    Am I in a dream? The stuff this government gets up to would have made a brilliant satirical comedy based on some faraway banana republic.

  7. George Berger

    Here is one point that I haven’t seen mentioned. If some analyses of the DWP test’s computational abilities are correct, then the original test was transformed into a psychological trial, not a test of one person’s personality. Given that, we have not only a case of copyright infringement, but of misuse to test a sample population of persons without their informed consent.

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