Am I the only one who finds it bitterly amusing that, on the day the government is told – in no uncertain terms – how badly wrong it has been, in so many ways, we find out that it has defiantly carried on in exactly the same way. So now Atos is going to be running communications and IT for the armed forces. I wouldn’t wish that on the enemy (whoever that is, these days)! I am reminded of two quotations. The first was (appropriately) from the sitcom Yes, Minister, in which Permanent Secretary Sir Humphrey Appleby, frustrated with minister Jim Hacker’s latest decision, says: “If you’re going to do a damned silly thing, don’t do it in this damned silly way!” The second was (I believe) Peter Cushing – approached by a reviewer who told him the latest Hammer horror film was awful, and asked what he had to say about it, he responded: “We’ve made another”.