Atos Join The Army – MOD Hand Out £25 Million Contract To Bungling IT Firm

Am I the only one who finds it bitterly amusing that, on the day the government is told – in no uncertain terms – how badly wrong it has been, in so many ways, we find out that it has defiantly carried on in exactly the same way. So now Atos is going to be running communications and IT for the armed forces. I wouldn’t wish that on the enemy (whoever that is, these days)! I am reminded of two quotations. The first was (appropriately) from the sitcom Yes, Minister, in which Permanent Secretary Sir Humphrey Appleby, frustrated with minister Jim Hacker’s latest decision, says: “If you’re going to do a damned silly thing, don’t do it in this damned silly way!” The second was (I believe) Peter Cushing – approached by a reviewer who told him the latest Hammer horror film was awful, and asked what he had to say about it, he responded: “We’ve made another”.

5 thoughts on “Atos Join The Army – MOD Hand Out £25 Million Contract To Bungling IT Firm

  1. colin

    so if the French want to get there own back for all the shit we kicked out of them throughout the ages it going to be real easy now don’t we have laws stopping our government giving power like that to potential enemies?

  2. billy rennie

    They’ll never change funding wars, backing up country’s of war, big business, one of the biggest shares in the World, nato 26 country’s uk usa Europe they ill or kill the Person in charge and put there own People in, We’re sick of your masonic government ,yous only know how to make money off of People and history Our Planet and it’s down to Trust and I don’t Trust any of them even mps, g8 g20 bunch of men meeting up to talk bollocks,5cans short of a 6 pack

  3. Steven Goodman

    atos before being used to legitamise the economic fascism of this government, were an it and computer=coms company. So I do not expect too many problems for ATOS’s army contract.. The major problem with Atos still lies in the computerised eugenics approach to the sick and disabled.

    Basically its a corrupt system being used to justify a corrupt policy. We the disabled can bitch about how bad things are (I’ve calculated personally that my monthly income after the switch to universal credit will be 30% reduced by the various money grabbing measures the Com-lib dems have put into place) Yet the system is not broken…it achieves everything the politicians to.

    UNUM and various other insurers drew up a business plan that would increase their market share, if a British Government devalued welfare to the point it will not sustain you during illness or unemployment. America refuses to have anything to do with the company and I believe have disbarred them from tendering for US government contracts.

    Not so the UK, The conservatives are the driving force behind the abuse…Lib/dems a mere chattel and willing partner in the corrupt policy.

    UNUM lobbied MP’s in 2002 and Conservative rhetoric being used today was derieved from that business plan.

    There are rumours of a senior Tory being on a retainer from the insurance companies of £750.000. Until that is provable it must remain an intresting addum.

    We the disabled are just collateral damage…its not our money that is the prime target of these policies. The target funds are infact those of the workforce…The insurance companies want to create a new market in Unemployment protection and the only weapon they have is to create a fear of becoming unemployed and not being able to make ends meet. That is the purpose of devaluing welfare to below the poverty line.

    Till the power of international corperations is legislated against…The politicians will always be the bitches of big business..Ready to sell out the nation and their country men for the right price.

  4. simmo70

    The UKIP results have shown a large Public disagreement with both main parties by the Electorate but can it be sustainable ,hopefully so .The Conservative mindset will not alter they feel they are above the majority of the Public and Privilege is a Right .The Gurkha’s more than proved their worth for this Country and so have Interpreters in Iraq with dire consequences but once you have served your purpose you are of no more use therefore responsibility is denied as with our own troops and all other Public Service Personal .Loyalty seems a one way ticket .Cameron states he wants to win back those voters that have ‘defected’ but his Lies and Spin have caused this shift in Politics and may it continue .Blair and Cameron thought they had things sewn up it’s about time we let them know they haven’t .

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