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I thought today would be a bit dull after the elections, but thankfully the Daily Mail has rushed to entertain us all with its latest ludicrous attempt to make workless benefit claimants seem to be ‘workshy’.

You can read all about it right here on the iLegal website – it even has a link to the original article. I’m not going to go into it in too much detail because the article really does a much better ‘blood and thunder’ job than I can.

Having said that, when an article is run under the headline What the Left doesn’t want you to know about Britain’s £200 billion welfare bill and then states that benefits are not being cut, even though we know that inflation is rising faster than the uprating given to benefits by Generous Gideon Osborne, meaning that he really is pushing a real-terms cut onto people who cannot stop him… You know it has nothing to do with the facts.

The same website also contains – if you scroll further down – the Fail‘s ‘Workshy Map of Britain’. This is a map showing the number of people claiming ESA who were found ‘fit for work’ according to the bogus DWP/Atos work capability assessment (which, I remind you, is not a medical assessment at all). Bear in mind that, on appeal, more than one-seventh of these findings are overturned. Appeals supported by legal experts have a 90+ per cent chance of being upheld, which indicates that more of these decision are wrong than the statistics suggest.

Priceless. Please read it and spread the word about it.