DWP misappropriates yet another institution’s material to abuse jobseekers

The Skwawkbox expose of DWP dirty-dealing continues with an examination of an ‘enterprise skills’ course which requires those taking it to have reached a reasonable standard of literacy and numeracy. Unfortunately, the Department for Work and Pensions is determinedly shovelling anybody it can onto the course, regardless of their ability, in what it clearly a plan to bully people who are more vulnerable than most off the books. Despicable.
I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this government department’s dirty tricks yet. If we ever get a proper government in again, the whole organisation might have to be dismantled and rebuilt from scratch. If so, the cost should be met by the individuals and organisations who are currently making such a mess of it (in my opinion).

7 thoughts on “DWP misappropriates yet another institution’s material to abuse jobseekers

  1. chibipaul

    Have just sent a link to the Squawkbox page to my MP

    (complete with typos as I just noticed)
    This sort of immoral behaviour by a government department is not acceptable.
    That it places people under great financial and psychological stress only further deepens the level of shame.

  2. murray

    They must be taking advice from the party chairman,I believe he has plagerism experience,all be it under an asumed name!

  3. sparaszczukster

    I’m also about to send the link to Swawkbox’s page to my (Labour) MP. This disgusting behaviour by the DWP needs to be stopped and those already hurt by it should be compensated. I’ve just found out that the disabled 40 year old son of my elderly neighbour has been admitted to hospital after being subjected to this kind of DWP pressure. He suffers from schizophrenia and lives in sheltered accommodation where he’s been able to manage with support for many years. This admission to hospital is the first he’s needed in seven years.
    When will this morally bankrupt government realise that there are some vulnerable people out there who will always need us to look after them? Being vulnerable is NOT ‘skiving’ and being ‘economically active’ is not the only measure of a person’s worth as a human being.

  4. peewee

    Any one know anything about this. Questionnaire GLED MF47
    Some questions on it that look like it is designed to get people sanctioned.
    Such as how many hours do you spend looking for work every day ?

    The looking for work is not time as consuming it is the filling out of application forms and researching the job descriptions that are time consuming and this question seems to be very cunning and tick boxy to say the least.

    This Question sheet comes as part of as part of a compliance/conditionality interview with an off flow advisor.. I can’t get any info about this on the web.

    The job seekers agreement does not state how many hours a person must spend looking for work but does state amounts of job seeking related activity must be carried out.

    Also with the traveling times being now 90 mins each way for a job, some people in care work 12 hr shifts and MUST have 11 hours rest. This DWP mandate is running a-mock and a lot of people are going to suffer because of this.

    The job seekers allowance entitlements are going the way of ESA assessments and very questionable methods of screening people..

  5. peewee

    Thanks for that, It looks like they must think I have loads of money stashed away somewhere .. I will give them a robust and challenging interview right enough and it will be recorded with a union rep there.. They are so sneaky, when i asked about the interview, which is actually an “interrogation” the woman smiled and said it was nothing to worry about. Going by the FOI it most certainly is something to be well prepared for. No matter how law abiding and up front you are in this life there is always the risk of being treated like a criminal. In fact criminals get read their rights before they are arrested, this is worse. Rant Over. Thanks again, because you are the first person who has provided any info on this. I couldn’t get an appointment with a welfare rights person until a week after the “interrogation” was over but I have booked it anyway because these bastards are after blood and they don’t care who’s blood it is.

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