60% Of Claimants To Be Worse Off Under Universal Credit Says Child Poverty Charity

Johnny Void’s article on Universal Credit details the cumulative damage it will inflict on people with low incomes across the country, and confirms that, together with the other benefit cuts brought in by the Tories (forget the Liberal Democrats; they’re an irrelevance), this government’s policy has left no stone unturned in its quest to take as much as possible from those who have the least.
Of particular interest is the fact that disabled workers will be £3,000 a year worse off, which confirms what many of us have thought – that this government has been quietly running a pogrom against those with disabilities. Hitler did much the same, back in 1939.
And of course, it has been revealed that Universal Credit will actually cost more to implement than it saves. The author suggests this is due to idiocy but I think it’s about providing more of an excuse for further cuts to public services in the future.