Chris Grayling Hands Probation Service Over To Bunch Of Crooks

Compulsive fact exaggerator Iain Duncan Smith wasn’t the only bad minister at the Department of Work and Pensions. Former colleague Chris Grayling has moved on to bigger and nastier cock-ups at Justice but – as this article shows – he has been determined to take some of his private sector friends with him. So we see A4e and G4S are likely to be bidding for new probation contracts.
I find Johnny Void’s argument here terrifyingly persuasive, in the light of what we know about Grayling and his track record. What do YOU think?

6 thoughts on “Chris Grayling Hands Probation Service Over To Bunch Of Crooks

  1. sparaszczukster

    There’s no doubt in my mind that this government is intent of dismantling everything in this country and selling it into corporate hands. God knows what my grandson and his generation will have to suffer. It makes me weep.

  2. sparaszczukster

    By the way, given the changes to legal aid which will lead to insurance companies having to pay out much less on claims for things like whiplash injury etc. isn’t it interesting that Grayling was given a generous donation of £71,000 by Peter Wood, director of Direct Line back in 2009?

    In fact many Tories got similar bungs from insurance companies before the 2010 election. Seems like Cameron and his crew were out there in force making promises they’re now delivering on.

  3. Rebecca Elliott

    I have worked for these so called “training providers”(back in 2003-4 on the new deal programmes) AND I’ve been a Probation service officer too in the community punishment office in Sparkbrook, Birmingham. I can safely say that handing these contracts to the “training providers” will be an unmitigated disaster…I presume because it is to be done with low risk offenders it will be exactly the sort of people who get CP hours to do and get put into charity shops to complete their hours – there is a similarity you see, I was working AT a training provider company in Warwickshire (ETW) when I applied to the probation service – the nature of working with the jobless putting them to slavery in charity shops gives you experience which the Probation service (when it comes to recruitment) are happy to see on your CV…however, I know the practices of the training providers, I know the manipulation of figures and timesheets that takes place and that is to say nothing of the sheer unprofessional nature of their treatment of their “learners” as they are often called. WHen I worked at ETW back in 2003 there were at least plenty of jobs for people to go to IF they wanted one and I gave them help…NOW there are no blinking jobs, so all these companies actually do is make people sit in their office, staring at two pages of job ads in the newspapers, and try to look like their jobsearching…they offer no real relevant training (I could only ever offer CLAIT for non computer users, or for the men, fork life truck licences for warehouse work, one part ONLY)…and they get paid MILLIONS by this government to humiliate people. So no, I’m not pleased to see yet more people be moved into the sphere of being dealt with by training providers like A4E and for them to be making even more money from the taxpayer.

  4. Fiona Collins

    The more we dig, the more corruption is discovered! We need to get rid of every single member of this government and start again! Nothing but prison sentences for the likes of IDS and his cronies will do! NEVER… including Thatcher, has there been such a blatent disregard for human rights, and they are guilty of Corporate manslaughter! The Americans, and no I’m not a fan, are pursueing Atos, so why the hell were they employed here? Now they are taking over the Military side of sickness/invalidy claims!!!!! Are they going to kill our heroes too?

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