This Is What Austerity Looks Like – First Suicide Due To Bedroom Tax Reported

Another outrage due to the nonsense ‘austerity’ measures that Iain Duncan Smith and his so-called government love so much. This time there can be no doubt about where the blame lies, though – Stephanie Bottrill lays it directly on the government.
Long-term readers of Vox Political will know of a gentleman named Samuel Miller, who has been trying to engage the International Criminal Court in prosecuting Smith and other government figures for crimes against humanity. The ICC has been reluctant to prosecute the instigators of austerity measures, saying it needed evidence.
How much evidence does it need?
One death due to government policies ought to be enough.
In fact, it’s far too many.

19 thoughts on “This Is What Austerity Looks Like – First Suicide Due To Bedroom Tax Reported

  1. Margaret Mills

    This ISN’T the first and won’t be the last – something HAS to be done to stop this

    1. Melita Norwood

      Trust me – this is NOT the first, there are thousands all over the country. People who are old, ill and infirm and who just cant take the pressure anymore. Evil in our midst.

      1. Mary Jackson

        Sorry to disagree with you, But 10 million people voted Tory, It always amazes me that whenever the Tories are in, you can never find one person who has voted for them, ( Or at least admitt to it)

      2. Mike Sivier

        You’re not disagreeing with me; it’s a reblog.

        The Conservative vote was, if I recall correctly, the lowest recorded (or among them) and not enough to win an election.

  2. Big Bill

    It would have been better if she’d thrown a politician under a lorry. This won’t stop until the politicians learn they can’t get away with it. Killing ourselves doesn ‘t affrect them at all.

    1. HomerJS

      Unfortunately you are absolutely correct. It is no good someone going down to a jobcentre and setting fire to themselves. But if they set fire to the jobcentre . . .

  3. Angie

    Reading this a line from Dickens came to mind something about decreasing the surplus population from a Christmas Carol that is what it feel’s like they are trying to do and do you think that things will be better under New Labor sorry but when I look at Miliband I don’t see a strong leader someone for the people I see a wimp.
    R.I.P Stephanie Bottrill you are at peace now.

  4. S. Phillips

    I had a meeting with a financial expert a few weeks ago that was set up by my housing association, she told me that she’s working with 2 women local to me who’ve both tried to commit suicide directly because of the Bedroom Tax. When you’re already living on a shoestring, and under so much stress from being hit by all sides, including being abused and insulted by Joe Public because of the rhetoric and propaganda being spewed by this evil government, it doesn’t take much more to tip you over the edge. This government has SO much to answer for.

  5. Thomas

    I could see the Tories bringing in euthanasia and getting rid of what benefits the disabled still have at the same time.

  6. hilary772013

    I am 62 years old and totally agree.. I have never seen things as bad as this..This government is a DISGRACE to the HUMAN RACE not just the populace of the uk..

  7. guy fawkes


    You are probably right regarding the euthanasia comment, yet someone who is at deaths door and in severe pain are not allowed a merciful death. We put down animals rather than let them suffer. I sometimes wonder if pain relieving drugs to the dying have not been watered down to save money.

  8. Silver.

    There have been a lot of suicides caused by this ConDem Government.You only have to google Callums List to find some.Many suicides will not be recorded as such,Coroners often veer on the side of not wanting to upset the family and will record it has misadventure.
    Every suicide is tragic,not only for the victims,who have a shortened lifespan,but for the families
    .Of course the Right will try to write this of by saying things like she must have been suicidal anyway.Reading comments elsewhere some are saying this Ladies family should have helped.But people often will not take things of their family,especially if they themselves are struggling.
    The blame for this Woman’s Death lies at the door of the DWP.IDS and Freud being the main culprits,but Cameron is in charge and not forgetting Judas Nick Clegg for allowing the Tories to dismantle the Welfare State.
    I was watching a film about a German concentration camp the other night.Escape from Sorbibor.And could easily imagine IDS as a sadistic camp guard.He has the personality for it.

  9. guy fawkes

    I’ve seen that and many films like “escape from Sorbibor”, but the most haunting story of the holocaust that I read was in a book called “the flamboya tree” by Clara O’ linka. it broke my heart.

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