If this article, suggesting the Tory focus on the EU is their counter-attack against the (many) issues that are threatening to take that party down to oblivion, then Mr Walker is right that good people like ourselves must counter the arguments they put forward, at every opportunity. They don’t want to leave the EU to make more freedom for you; they want to do it so THEY can get rid of the Human Rights Act and access to justice that currently prevent them inflicting the harm upon middle- and working-class people, both in-work and jobless, that they intend. It is not the EU that is harming the UK’s economic recovery – it’s the Conservative-led Coalition’s economic mismanagement, with growth-killing cuts (as stated in the article) and harmful removal of infrastructure investment.
If we can keep reminding the more suggestible parts of the population of these facts, then it will be a matter of time before criticisms over bad policies (Mervyn King on mortgages), backstabbing by Tory grandees (Lords Howe and Tebbit), and abandonment by disaffected local activists (the ‘mad, swivel-eyed loons’, so-called by SOMEONE in the government) will combine with campaigning by the opposition parties to bring down these monstrous anachronisms.