Sudden, massive EU focus is not Tory chaos. It’s their Battle of the Bulge

If this article, suggesting the Tory focus on the EU is their counter-attack against the (many) issues that are threatening to take that party down to oblivion, then Mr Walker is right that good people like ourselves must counter the arguments they put forward, at every opportunity. They don’t want to leave the EU to make more freedom for you; they want to do it so THEY can get rid of the Human Rights Act and access to justice that currently prevent them inflicting the harm upon middle- and working-class people, both in-work and jobless, that they intend. It is not the EU that is harming the UK’s economic recovery – it’s the Conservative-led Coalition’s economic mismanagement, with growth-killing cuts (as stated in the article) and harmful removal of infrastructure investment.
If we can keep reminding the more suggestible parts of the population of these facts, then it will be a matter of time before criticisms over bad policies (Mervyn King on mortgages), backstabbing by Tory grandees (Lords Howe and Tebbit), and abandonment by disaffected local activists (the ‘mad, swivel-eyed loons’, so-called by SOMEONE in the government) will combine with campaigning by the opposition parties to bring down these monstrous anachronisms.

7 thoughts on “Sudden, massive EU focus is not Tory chaos. It’s their Battle of the Bulge

  1. Brian Lovett

    I am beginning to wonder if it would be better just to look for somewhere else to live. I have been politicly active for over 50 years. So have my lifelong friends, liberals and socialists alike. We always feared something like the present situation wouls happen and consciously worked against it. It is worst than we ever imagined.

    Is the weight of history against us? Is this the future that most people apparently want? Have we failed on our social duty?

    1. yorkie

      I am in my 70s and tried this and also tried in the country, I have never known so many barriers put up to obstruct you in all my organisation asked me to give them a signature to allow them to contact my doctor and when I sent it in they said we don’t do this because doctors will charge us for getting them to fill the information on the form. what kind of a silly world are we now living in.

  2. skwalker1964

    Mike, many thanks! Brian – it’s always an option for individuals, but it means abandoning everyone else to their fate. It’s why I hope the Scots don’t decide to take all their Labour votes with them in 2014 and leave the rest of us with a harder fight against the anachronisms, as Mike so rightly calls them!

    1. Brian Lovett

      I take the point but I have never seen the forces of reaction so well organised. I know that really behind these spiteful midgets stand huge global interests whose shadows fall across us all. Quite frankly I feel real fear when I wake up in the morning and reflect on the coming day. Perhaps this is just old age creeping up on me but I am afraid it is really something much more sinister..

      1. skwalker1964

        It’s very sinister. Trouble is, they ARE global interests – there’s not really much getting away from them. Our only real option is to steel ourselves for the fight and resist them where we are.

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