Labour is hard work

Labour MPs – and especially the Labour leadership, although that is probably a forlorn hope – read this and wake up to your responsibilities! The nation needs a REAL alternative to the Coalition (and UKIP, although they really are nothing more than an interesting blip on everyone’s political radar).
The argument here reminds me of one that was put forward to explain why laws haven’t been passed in the USA to restrict gun ownership – Congress and the Senate pay attention to the gun lobby, which constitutes a tiny minority of the US population, and ignore the vast majority who want to get rid of the dangerous – potentially fatal, in fact – toys that are available all over their land.
I, for one, want rid of the dangerous – potentially fatal – neoliberal political policies that have been poisoning my land. Is there anyone in the Labour leadership brave enough to say the same?

5 thoughts on “Labour is hard work

  1. guy fawkes

    Daily politics today said America is about to decriminalize drug taking – a step in the wrong direction given the scale of the problem and perhaps a cynical way for the Mr Big illegal drug pushers to legitimize incomes without resorting to money laundering and for the government to profit from the tax revenues.

    1. skarp

      No a step in the wrong direction. Why do you want to criminalise someone for what they put into their own bodies?

  2. guy fawkes


    “Why do you want to criminalise someone for what they put into their own bodies?”
    It all depends what the substance is that they are putting into their own bodies and how it can affect their behaviour towards innocent bystanders. I was not referring to a bit of weed but the likes of crack cocaine etc, which can lead the user into other criminal acts to satisfy their addiction.

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