DWP just can’t get its story straight re fake psych ‘test’

This story will run forever – or at least, as long as it takes for the DWP to come up with a story that makes sense.
The rest of us have already come up with a story that makes sense, and the DWP’s continued efforts to fabricate something plausible from the material that is already publicly available only serves to confirm it.
Here’s the next chapter in Skwawkbox’s exposure of the DWP’s fake psychometric test. Let’s hope the Work and Pensions Committee grills Iain Duncan Smith about this little wheeze as well as his other exaggerations of the truth, when they drag his sorry bones in front of them (as promised) in the very near future.

9 thoughts on “DWP just can’t get its story straight re fake psych ‘test’

  1. skwalker1964

    Great point! I’ll send it to the Work & Pensions committee’s evidence email address – I just wish Margaret Hodge was on the W&P committee – I’d love to watch her dismember Smith if he tries to use the feeble excuses they’ve come up with so far..

      1. skwalker1964

        Well, two members of it are Glenda Jackson and Debbie Abrahams, who certainly won’t be! Anne Begg and Teresa Pearce unlikely to be fans, too.

      2. Mike Sivier

        No – it’s a sitting Parliamentary committee; its composition was decided, I think, in 2010. It’s chaired by Labour’s Dame Anne Begg.

  2. June Allison

    Socoipath. Ian Duncan Smith needs Psychiatric Treatment to see if he’s capable of his position in Government and all this Government needs Dissolving Why fabricate anything. It’s the people that suffer. Egotistical nonentity. He should suffer like the rest of the people. He’s a too self indulgent and self centred an
    individual who only thinks of himself and his ilk!!!.

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