4 thoughts on “The UK Government have got it wrong about our Human Rights.

  1. Steven Goodman

    Its nice to see the “moral” truth expressed as this piece of legislation. It needs to be invoke in test case to see how well the UK courts do at acknowledging it excistance. For the wording of the law as it stands. Could by all rights be directed at The leading Tory Cabal in charges of disability discrimination against all of them. Also as a basis of a case against Iian Ducan Smith for assIsting suicide (Thus invoking a charge of murder- as assisting suicide is an illegal act) going by the knowledge that his policies are provoking 31 suicides a week. I feel though some people will think it would be hard to make this stick. Yet if you can prove he was aware of the link and yet left the situation unchanged then…there by deliberately with personal knowlege provoking more people to kill themselves…then its an open and shut case of murder…pure and simple!

    There is an urgent need for new laws to be introduce to the legal arsenal.

    1: developing and enacting a law of “Defrauding the nations public funds”. A charge to be leveled at the political classes who accept finanicial rewards for betraying the british people in terms of conspiring with international corporations,international Financial bodies and international insurance companys (Reference the real reason behind the attack on the welfare system). It should be a law to imprison both the corrupted and the senior corruptor of the british political entity.As its all to betray public trust.

    2: A law that excludes from the British retail market any body or international company that fails to pay their tax bill to the british public purse. As theere have been reports of companies claiming a £3.2 billion pound turnover only yeilded a tax payment of £2 milllion (Not worth getting out of bed for is it…So I propose we save them the hard work of organising such a large amount of transactions. They be grateful for not having a presence in such a worthless market right?) tough I am being comical and facious this law would be the equivilent of saying – “Put your money where your mouth is!” (then we see how quickily they re-calculate the returns?). We can go it alone with this kind of Law, but it’d be better as a European wide piece of legislation.

    At the moment the political and socail systems are facing a time of great change. The nature of politics in this brave new world is akin to the game of three-diamensional draughts.You know the game with three tiers?

    The basse board is national politics and also contains the extreme wings of fascism and communism. The 2nd Tier, is international politics and federations.

    The 3rd tier represents entities and people who belong to the emerging New World Order. That’s some certain rich and powerful families (worldwide)who think they alone should shape the future for all of us – which is a long-winded way of hiding the fact it will only be done for the economically superior and those of the political elite who are on board for the ride.

    These exploitive globalising people issue edits and telephone directory style plans. Their views are largely formed by latent psychopaths (Latent suffers tend to manipulate and corrupt the systems to their own selffish desires…As oppose to the pro-active psychopath who frequents the national media as a brutal killer in some shape or form. The thing they have in common is a lack of empathy for anyone outside of their gang

    I like the shape of socailism and the fact that it has never yet been a ruling political philosophy…I mean forget about the soviet union and people’s republic of Chine…they were never socailists,although the government led media encourages this mis-conception. Money makers hate socailism because it threatens to take away their toys and so their power that got them an unfair advantage when compared to the rest of us….They had loads of money and bought influences and it is this evolving corruption that threatens to send the rest of us off to whatever hell they are creating(Note one very rich and arrogant american family…percives they can enslave the population by controlling the supply of food.and ensuring only those who willing accept their own enslavement feed and survive (Yes there are some really dangerous ideas being held in reserve)

    Human rights…defend it to the death…forget the radical preachers of Islam…they are a sideshow second to the desire if the powerful to have all the economical advantages with membership of the E.U., with none of the socail responsibilty…

  2. guy fawkes

    Very well said Steve Goodman. We live in an unfair and unequal society and the sooner this is tackled the better.

  3. kittysjones

    Well said Steve, and the unfair and unequal society is shaped by policies, Guy. That’s why under every Tory government, poverty, unemployment and inequalities grow, and human rights shrink.

  4. Cally H

    I fully agree with the above – the other sore eye in the UK Government’s appalling record is the current situation with cautions that contravene Article 8 of the Convention for Human Rights – it is a joke when the Foreign & Commonwealth Office claims that the UK promotes Human Rights abroad whilst a cautions system applies in this country. People in this country were kept in custody for 3 hrs plus and were made to sign cautions/reprimands etc on most occasions after defending themselves against violent aggressors and were told by police and solicitors that this would stay on their record for 3 yrs only (they were actually signing away their lives, careers and reputations by doing so). No one should sign a caution – this is another mechanism for framing people (they should clear their names in a court of law)

    The cautions system does not apply in other EEC countries or indeed in other Commonwealth countries.

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