DWP ‘nudge’ chief: none forced to take fake ‘test’. DWP FOI: yes they were

This story won’t go away quickly, no matter how badly the DWP and the Cabinet ‘Nudge Unit’ might want it to. The latest development – involving claims by the false test’s creators, reminds me very much of the claims by the UK Treasury that it still has good documentary evidence that George Osborne’s austerity policies are necessary.
Two questions spring to mind: First, is the theory behind this activity sound? Second, if that theory is being used to support a particular course of action, is that action justifiable?
Expect an article, soon.

2 thoughts on “DWP ‘nudge’ chief: none forced to take fake ‘test’. DWP FOI: yes they were

  1. fuckthetories

    Neuro Linguistic Programming = BS. Been discredited by the great and the good over 25 years ago. It doesn’t work and if it did then it would be delivered by a health professional in a clinical setting, and not some sycophant joke-centre adviser who has attended a 2 day half-arsed course delivered by Goals UK.


  2. Alicia Davies

    This government will stop at nothing until it has destroyed the welfare state and those who are dependent on it through no fault of their own ….

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