Please help hold DWP to account for stats lies

This is an excellent idea and I hope everyone reading this takes it up. Not only will it put pressure on the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats to support honesty and – in doing so – condemn their own government; it will also sort out the wheat from the chaff in the Labour Party and the other opposition groups. We can, and should, make this an election issue. Nobody should believe they can be elected into government on the basis of lies, and nobody should believe they can get away with trying to deceive us when IN government.

5 thoughts on “Please help hold DWP to account for stats lies

  1. simmo70

    The quotation of “the blind leading the blind” has been around for years but what does it actually mean ,to use an analogy let us take UNUM the corrupt insurance company and originator of ATOS the unfit medical assessor .UNUM is the guide dog leading I D Smith who is at the helm of the DWP or becoming known as UNUM Incorporated .Smith is followed by Shapps the Tory Party Chairman . His hobby used to be Internet Fraud ,both Smith and Shapps have used Phoney Statistics to paint a more palatable picture of the Benefit figures than is actually the fact .So the overall scenario is one of the Corrupt blind dog leading Smith who in turn leads Shapps who in turn all three try to lead the General Public .Who was it that said BS baffles brains .

    1. Mike Sivier

      That’s good but the idea is really to find out which MPs are willing to stand up against blatant government deception. That’s why the request is to write to your MP and see what they do.

  2. woman4theinnocentman

    This is the letter I sent to my MP:

    Dear Jeremy Wright,

    As my Constituency Member of Parliament and representative in the House I ask you to raise the issue of the latest rebuke issued by the UK Statistics Authority (UKSA)in regard to the abuse of statistics continually perpetrated by Mr I D Smith MP and the DWP in order to demonise the sick, disabled and vulnerable.

    As my MP I ask you to unequivocally condemn this blatant and disingenuous abuse of statistics in order to fulfil an inhumane ideological agenda not seen since what went on in 1920’s Germany, the parallels to the UK in 2013 are stark and ominous.

    Mr I D Smith MP and Mr G Shapps must be held to account for lying to the British people and (in Mr I D Smith’s case at least) to Parliament.
    Mr I D Smith MP and Mr G Shapps must be held to account for lying to the British people and (in Mr I D Smith’s case at least) to Parliament.

    I look forward to hearing from you, confirming your raising of this issue in the house, mayhap in the form of an EDM and as a right thinking rational and compassionate fellow citizen your condemnation of what is in effect the deliberate ostracisation and social exclusion of a swath of our fellow citizens.

    Yours sincerely,

  3. Jef

    I will send it to my mp although I know the usual politically correct blurb answer from her will come back… she is Margot James in the West midlands and a totally useless waste of space. Her crowning successes include giving awards to local indian restaurants for their good food (yes, their food is delicious).

    Many thanks woman4theinnocentma for your email. Grant Shapps was known in his internet marketing career as Michael Green. I bought one of his products. A very efficient man but a mediocre product

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