DWP Announces Jobless to be ‘Targeted By a Hit Squad’ – Not Satire

Excellent article flagging up the DWP’s latest harassment policy against people who just – can you read this, please, Mark Hoban? – WANT A JOB!
This one also supports the Vox Political article on the new hit squad, which is another good reason for a reblog.

7 thoughts on “DWP Announces Jobless to be ‘Targeted By a Hit Squad’ – Not Satire

  1. michael lee

    Funny how govt’s always have money for bureaucracy and non-productive Little Hitlers – but when it comes to production , they sell it off, squander the proceeds of crime and then condemn average Joe for not inventing a job, so he can keep on paying taxes to Them! And all this after having been educated in politics and economics…? BRING BACK COMMON SENSE ??

  2. bookmanwales

    Educated in politics and economics ? The problem is there is a great deal of difference between being educated in something and actually doing it as a job. Theory in a classroom is all well and good but putting it into practice ? As of this moment even someone uneducated in economics could do a better job of running the country. Make millions unemployed, blame them for the unemployment and lack of tax revenue, Give billions of pounds to companies to put people in non existent jobs and then blame the unemployed for spending those billions of pounds ? Great education they must have had.

  3. Jim

    Shot in the foot – so where are the jobs that these people will be made to win? I am disabled with mobility issues I was told I was put into a work group. I have found that about 30% of my ESA is now described as “contribution for joining a work group”. I did not take the option to appeal as my vision was getting together in the group with support from a jobfinder – great. The reality is there is no “group” there is no support to gain worthwhile employment. Basically it’s another trick to lower benefits. What do I think of our politicians – they are – as always – only in it for what they can get – I may stand at the next election at least I wouldn’t lie and penalise the less fortunate in our society.

  4. Two-thumbed Fist

    The Work Programme fails everyone: participants, providers, government, and the country. So, what do you do. Blame the participants for the Work Programme’s failure and try to whip up an atmosphere by means of inflammatory (and completely unsuitable) leading terms of abuse to justify an even harsher benefits regime expressly designed to abuse and punish them.

    Very Tory.

    Very, very IDS, Freud, and Hoban.

    What a collection of delusional venomous rogues.

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