Don’t Ask Me About Benefits I Don’t Understand Them Admits Benefits Minister

A bit of extra information about Mark Hoban from The Void. Nothing we couldn’t actually work out for ourselves, but it’s good that it has been discovered, in black and white, in the ‘mainstream’ media.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Ask Me About Benefits I Don’t Understand Them Admits Benefits Minister

  1. chibipaul

    Sends them to CAB
    Do I have this right?
    This is the same CAB that is struggling due to ConDems for pulling the plug on Legal Aid at a time when more people need help?

      1. chibipaul

        Pretty darned gutted I should imagine.
        Do I have it about right though Mike. I am sure I read this but sometimes my memory gets hazy.

        It highlights how screwed up these ministers are I have ME which frikks up concentration and memory. What is their excuse or is it just malevolence.

        Having had some seriously important financial advice from CAB in the past which really did save my bacon, I appreciate what a loss CAB would be to folks.
        Not sure what the hell I would have done without their help.

      2. Mike Sivier

        CABs across the country are having funding problems to do with lack of support from the very organisations that refer people with problems to us – and yes, you did have it right.

  2. Big Bill

    i suppose this means if something along the lines of a Neuremberg trial ever occurs due to what’s being done to the disabled Hoban can always try to clear himself by saying he never understood what was going on and point to his statement as evidence. I can’t see any other reason for him making it, not unless he’s channeling Freud.

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