George Osborne, leader of the Wrecking Crew mk2

Here’s an excellent article about the harm George Osborne is doing to the UK economy, why he’s doing it… and the problem with Ed Balls. I think it’s vital reading.

7 thoughts on “George Osborne, leader of the Wrecking Crew mk2

  1. Alex Casale

    To all those who are not appalled and angry at the denigration of the poor in this country, by this heinous government, should hang their heads in shame! Hell is empty and all the devils are here!
    To be or not to be that is the question. Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer the stings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or take up arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing them, end them

  2. Alex Casale

    The most likely reason for this government’s unrelentless onslaught on the people seems to be their unmitigated intention to rob this nation of everything they can get their hands on before the next election in 2015.

  3. bookmanwales

    It is plain to see that the agenda is precisely as described. Demolition of society, public cohesion and any semblance of a welfare state.

    The big question is “how far into this ideal have Labour moved” ?
    With the launch of “New Labour” in the 90’s was the Socialist Labour ideal of fairness for all actually buried permanently. We all know Blair and cronies did nothing about anti union legislation, high unemployment, privatisation (save give it another name) and sale of housing stock.
    Whilst Gordon Brown did make some concessions to working people with the introduction of tax credits was it all along just a blind ?

    Labour have done very little to upset the applecart with their new friends big business. Labour introduced “Workfare” and most of the current benefit assessments, Privatised huge chunks of the NHS via PFI

    If one was a conspiracy theorist one could see that Labour’s handling of the economy from 2008 to 2010 was a perfect setup for the slashing of public services and spending we are now seeing (remember they had already started along this road) irrespective of the so called “banking crisis”.

    Their meekly following along behind the Tories suggests their ideals are more closely matched than they would have us believe. Let us not forget a good few Labour cabinet members are millionaires themselves, no longer state educated, working class, come up through the ranks shop stewards but professional politicians.

  4. sandra

    what happens when between all these politician’s has brought this country so far down that the recovery will take years to get it stable again and so many people have commited suicide or are starving to death with no homes to live in because they have no money to pay for them and only the rich can survive who will put in to the system to bring round its recovery or are they hoping by then we are in the eu fully and will have to get them to bail us out this is the worst state our country has been in since the ending of world war 2 and its sinking further and further if it carries on only the rich will survive and who will bury the dead bodies of the poor.

  5. Alex Casale

    The heinous Con/Dems are hell bent on dismantling all of Labour’s achievements. They formed a government through default, and they are running scared, so they are ensuring that when Labour win in 2015, there will be so much of their draconian measures to clean up before Labour can actually get things moving again. We do not know the full extent of their malicious onslaught on the poor, disabled, old, young, children, in fact, anyone who is struggling to make ends meet, due to their partisan actions. I fear for my grandchildren and great grandchildren, and am in despair for the next generation in general.

  6. Thomas M

    This government is a cancer for the country. And has two more years to cause damage before it can be removed.

  7. murray

    Its like the neuclear holocaust without the bombs,once the workers are annaihilated,what then,how will those with all the money survive,as they have no knowlege of how things actually work, they will be unable even to feed themselves,they have no comprehension,of how to build anything,and lack the know how ,to do anything for themselves,what then?

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