Michael Gove: A Paedophile’s Unwitting Friend?

With reports of a teacher kidnapping a 15-year-old girl still fresh in our minds, Michael Gove has said he doesn’t want every incident of sexual abuse in schools to be reported to the appropriate authority. See what you make of this; I’d be interested in your opinions.

7 thoughts on “Michael Gove: A Paedophile’s Unwitting Friend?

  1. arblaster

    A creep. This puts him on par with Ian Huntly; although I suspect Huntly was at the very least a competent school care-taker. That’s more than you can say for gove.

  2. guy fawkes

    If London borough of Richmond and the Roman catholic salesian order were able to pay off victims of child sexual abuse, is it any wonder that schools and social services are reluctant to pursue cases against those in authority – it is not only immoral that child sex abuse is happening without them being allowed to buy off victims without any police prosecutions against their proof of guilt payments.

  3. murray

    Surely these comments “have been taken out of context”,These are the creeps ruining our country,as opposed to running the country.The General Election cannot come soon enough,and get these perverts out of power,and hopefully into jail,where most of them belong.

  4. john allan

    if i had children at a school and this arsehole visited it, i’d make sure they were off that day–the guy is a sleazeball, and no surprise he seems to be backing the perverts of this world…

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