3 thoughts on “DWP Press Office Play Fast And Loose With Official Statistics Again

  1. Alex Casale

    Surely we should not be surprised that DWP are playing fast-and-loose with the statistics. My impression is that deceiving people through lying or otherwise is endemic in this and other government departments.


  2. simmo70

    You are the underdog ,whatever your opinion it is invalid because a ‘Democratically Consensus ‘has been reached by an elected body of MP’s on any issue .You voted us in to ‘represent your and the Countries Interests’.The Countries Interests are above the Electorates .Each Department is set up for your Benefit but run on strict Establishment Lines .Any Grievances or Complaints are to be addressed to an Ombudsman or your Local MP .
    You may at times form the Opinion we are not acting according to your wishes but we cannot please everyone .We as a Government are answerable to no one except Parliament whom is made up of MP’s voted in by you .We control the MP’s by means of Whips Senior MP’s that tell individual MP’s how to vote or they get a whisper in the ear their career on the Gravy Train is over .I hope our Transparency is understood now shut up and put up . http://brokenbritishpolitics.simplesite.com

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