Tory MPs respond to their constituents on DWP lies

Here’s a good reason to vote ALL Conservative MPs out of their seats – they have all, tamely, followed the Party line on lying to Parliament and to the country. In fact, most of them, when challenged, merely copied out a rote letter provided by their Party superiors in the hope that this would be enough (it isn’t. A lie is a lie). Take a look. If you have a Tory MP and haven’t contacted them about this, try it. But warn them in advance that you know about the rote letter!

7 thoughts on “Tory MPs respond to their constituents on DWP lies

  1. Steven Duckworth

    Tried putting my (tory) MP on for a cc when writing to Mr Didcot to complain about the PM’s claim of

  2. skwalker1964

    I’m going to post up some specimen wording for such letters tonight that I think will make things more interesting. Will send you the link when it’s done!

  3. dawn davies

    This government is bordering on treason,they are even changing the laws of this land,laws which were faught for in our past,its got to be stopped,we have a nutter in charge in the uk now,its not a democracy its becoming a dictatorship,I wish I knew the answers,even Labour is becoming like them,what do we do

    1. Christine Ruscoe

      We all need to state a vote of no confidence in the government get them out .
      This government has betrayed us , lied , and. Verbally abused us all its spent NI money . It’s paid ATOS to look into out affairs . .

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