Benefits Paperwork Overloading Claimants

The DWP has come under heavy criticism because it lumbers people who are too unwell to collect their own evidence with the responsibility not only to do just that, but to write out about a ream of paperwork about their claim as well. This article clarifies the situation. If you know anybody who has doubts about the punitive nature of Iain Duncan Smith’s benefits system, show them this to get them started on the right track.

3 thoughts on “Benefits Paperwork Overloading Claimants

  1. Andy Hale

    that is so true and here’s a good comparison – to claim for Employment and Support Allowance I had to fill in a 20+ page document yet when it comes to challenging the ATOS assessment DWP give you a lil box about 3×2 inches. funny that!

  2. Carole Frost

    it is absolutely rediculous the amount of paperwork a claimant has to fill in for these assessments they are irrelevent as to a condition as to being too ill to work because of disability and illness ..a claimant has to repeat themselves via through the DWP and ATOS assessment as to their capability or inability to work even being forced through ESA and work capability i myself am long term disabled with many illnesses to force me to do these so called tests would endanger my health and other people in my position too … i have many doubts about Iain duncan smiths enforcements on peoples rights under the disability act 1997

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