2 thoughts on “Over 12,000 Disabled People Forced To Work Unpaid Since Workfare Scheme Launched

  1. brutails

    this is outrageous, inhumane, condemning people who have not got gainful employment to more misery and unfair treatment which is punishable by European law, all the claimants in that position should mount a claim against all these jobcentre staff who behave disgustingly without a shred of humanity! all down to Conservatives: when will you realise that there are no jobs available for all the people, we have to accept this fact and not punish those who can’t find one!
    T H E R E A R E N O J O B S
    ransack all jobcentres, hold the staff prisoners, and rebel! do not accept these awful conditions which are treating you as slaves: slavery has been outlawed for a century or two, take the government to a Human Rights court!
    demand the minimum wage for your time like it should be! fight for your rights!

  2. kath gray

    If in danger of workfare check out the Boycott Workfare and Consentme websites on your rights and what you do and do not have to sign. Remember, every workfare placement is another job gone.

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