3 thoughts on “Exclusive: Gotcha! Shocker Sun Tape Reveals the Real Rupe

  1. beastrabban

    Unfortunately, I think the Dirty Digger will walk away scot free from this one as well. Too many politicos want his support and those of his rags.

    A little while ago Lobster reviewed a biography of him that was extremely critical. It concluded that Murdoch’s basic aims have always been consisted, ever since he appeared in the late 1960. These are the promotion of right-wing, free-market economics and the privatisation of the NHS.

    Adam Curtis, the director and producer of the brilliant documentaries ‘The Century of the Self’, ‘The Power of Nightmares’ and ‘How We Lost Our Dreams of Freedom’ also did a little piece on Dirty Rupe. He noted that in the 1970s Murdoch alienated a lot of Tories by sticking the boot once more into Profumo. By that time, Profumo had rehabilitated himself by working for a housing charity in the East End. I think he may also have been working for a civil liberties group. Murdoch revived the scandal by running the memoirs of Christine Keeler or one of the other people involved in the Sunday Times. This angered many Tories, who felt Profumo had done his time, so to speak, and deserved to be left alone.

    I’ve also come across Conservatives, who despised him for his consistent denigration of the royal family in the Sun, and other papers of disrepute.

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