John Locke and the Foundations of British and American Democracy

Beastrabban\’s Weblog is written by my brother, the eminent Doctor David Sivier. Here he discusses the origins of British and American democracy, as found in the thoughts and writings of fellow West Country boy John Locke.
Of particular note to our current Conservative/Liberal Democrat government should be the quotation about political power: “It can have no other end or measure, when in the hands of the magistrate, but to preserve the members of that society in their lives, liberties, and possessions, and so cannot be an absolute, arbitrary power over their lives and fortunes, which are as much as possible to be preserved.” As much as possible, to be preserved.
Oh dear. It looks as though our Coalition friends need to hit their history books and learn what it means to be a representative of the people again.
If they ever did it before.

5 thoughts on “John Locke and the Foundations of British and American Democracy

  1. Daijohn

    Locke, in ‘Two Treaties, was interesting in his thoughts about what the people should do when their elected government was not delivering on the Social Contract. After seeking guidance from God I don’t think he thought they should be adverse to a bit if bloodshed and revolution!

  2. guy fawkes

    Labour needs to relearn it’s history also rather than undermine the welfare state.

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