Unable to pay bedroom tax – then move! But…. we won’t let you!

I’d argue with just one aspect of this story: The government aren’t idiots. They know that, now this person is in arrears, they can keep them paying, going further into debt, forever. You thought you were poor, but now you are a cash cow.

3 thoughts on “Unable to pay bedroom tax – then move! But…. we won’t let you!

  1. argotina1

    I wish I didn’t agree with you, Mike. But I post this things exactly as they are originally written, typos and all. Just fill in some of the abbreviations, because this is all so complex it’s hard for people to keep up. How the learning disabled and mentally ill are coping with this…. oh, they aren’t

  2. Alex Casale

    Surely, I am not the only one who is getting increasingly depressed by being
    bombarded each day by stories of the government’s unmitigating onslaught
    on the most vulnerable of people in this country. I can fully understand that
    there will be increasing numbers who will be driven to ending it all by killing
    themselves before the government do it for them. I truly believe this government
    is on the road to genocide.

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