Suppose a majority Labour government were elected in 2015, but the majority of MPs in England were Conservative. What would happen to the legislative process then?
What a stupid scheme. I bet the Liberal Democrats support it.

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  1. guy fawkes

    The unions want to break away from New Labour because this party has nothing to do with what old labour stood for. The labour party was born and funded from unionisation of the working class, now that it has turned it’s back on the working and non-working class perhaps it will sink into obscurity where it belongs.
    I hope nobody funds them when they have discarded the unions, the taxpayers want their heads read if they are considering funding political parties and the unions should use funds to start a real socialist party once again.

    1. Mike Sivier

      I’m with you on everything apart from the start. It’s Labour that’s trying to break from the unions, because – as you rightly say – the party has nothing to do with what Old Labour stood for.

  2. guy fawkes

    Sorry Mike

    When I say the unions want to break away from New labour – It was me expressing an opionion, perhaps I should have said’ the unions should break away’, bad grammar again from me.

    1. Mike Sivier

      Oh right!
      I get you now – it’s something that I say when I’m talking to people in real life, as in, “You want to get your life sorted, mate!” (actually I don’t say that to people, but it’s a good example). Doesn’t translate very well to the screen, though.
      Thanks for the clarification – we’re on exactly the same page here.

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