New Labour and the Abandonment of Socialism and the Working Class

Labour’s descent into centre-right obscurity gets the once-over from Beastrabban’s Blog here. The good Dr provides the context in which we should view the latest developments in the Party of Working People’s attempts to distance itself from, well, working people. The sad fact is that, once begun, members realise what’s going on and – rather than fight for the organisation – desert in droves. Then, with increasingly fewer people to resist the rightward plunge, the process accelerates. What do you end up with? A weak clone of the Conservative Party.
Ed Miliband take note: This is not the way to win elections. It is a cowardly subversion of a once-great movement.

9 thoughts on “New Labour and the Abandonment of Socialism and the Working Class

  1. bookmanwales

    Well not a surprise really. Once Blair and co deserted their roots and handpicked middle class “cronies” as MP’s and “advisors” the writing was on the wall.
    Being an MP now is not a calling it’s a way to easy money and influence.

    Ideology and principles are no longer requirements to be a Labour MP just greed, greed and more greed.

    In my opinion the unions should completely sever all ties with the Labour party and put their own candidates in place. This may have the desired result of having those few real Labour MP’s distancing themselves from Milliband and co and returning to representing the people who put them where they are.

    1. Mike Sivier

      I think the unions should sever ties with Labour until such time as Labour remembers its roots. In the meantime they could put their money into an organisation that is actually socialist, rather than pretending to be.

      And I’m saying this as a MEMBER of Labour!

    2. Ann

      I would rather have not had New Labour get in power. It is not representing ordinary working class folk. I want old Labour back! I want a socialist Party representing British Workers!

  2. Samwise Gamgee

    It seems the 7-day waiting period for making a new JSA claim will also apply to Universal Credit. What’s more, this applies to the whole UC award, presumably including that which includes housing/rent costs.

    Quote Lord Freud, speaking in the Lords on 10th July 2013 –

    “The waiting period will be applied to the whole Universal Credit award but will only be introduced for claimants who we expect to work and who have full work-related requirements.”

    So this means new UC claimants will have to fork out for a week’s rent on their own while they wait for their benefit claim to come through. Not to mention UC will be paid in arrears, so that could mean 5 whole weeks before the first rent payment can be made under a new UC claim.

  3. bookmanwales

    Ed Milliband and co would do well to remember that the Labour party only got where it is through the work, subscriptions and suffering of the union members.

    Trying to distance themselves from the very people who made the party is an affront to those people who suffered.

    Far from trying to play down their ties the Labour party should be yelling as loud as possible that they are proud to be representing the voice of the working class and will continue to do so. After all the Tories make no secret and feel no shame at representing the requirements of their rich backers.

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