5 thoughts on “‘There is no credible theory that relates starvation with an increased capacity to gain employment’

  1. Thomas

    All that will cause is political unrest. (OOC-when I try and log in on the computer in my flat it won’t let me post here.)

  2. Angie

    When did the UK become the 51st state do we have to do everything the US does cutting benefits will not get people into work when they are not job out there giving money to the likes of A4E to get people into work would that money not be better spent creating job or am I being naive.

  3. guy fawkes

    Those working in the food industry and farming should refuse to sell tory ministers anything to eat until they start governing and feeding the whole of society.
    Deprive Osborne of his £10 burger, make his and his cronies wealth obsolete, let them realise that others “work for them”.

    1. murray

      “work for them” they alledgedly work for us,they are elected representatives of the people for the people,or are supposed to be. Reducing benefits should not even be a issue as we are the seventh richest country on the planet. We can easily afford to feed this nation, and others but there is just NO political will to do so,so instead we persecute the disabled,the poor and the needy, and ignore the theft the fraud and the greed of the financial sector and the multi-nationals,that truely govern our lives!

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