If Unite AREN’T trying to influence MP selection, they SHOULD be

Spot-on analysis of the anti-union patter that we’ve heard from both sides of the political divide, along with a clear and concise description of why these opinions are wrong. Essential reading.

3 thoughts on “If Unite AREN’T trying to influence MP selection, they SHOULD be

  1. David Hicks

    As A Unite Rep, I disagree, Unions should support the Labour Party but should not try and influence or manipulate the way that Potential Members of Parlament are selected. We must remember that not all Union Members are supporters of the Labour Movement.

    This is my Opinion and I know the opinion of many Union Members, Unite must move with the times or risk losing members, advise the Labour Party but donot try and manipulate by illegal methods thus giving the Conservative Party ammunition to attack Ed Milliband.

    Thank You for Reading This.

    David Hicks Rep LHR 2011 Branch

    1. Mike Sivier

      This was an element that disturbed me – the idea that Unite members were breaking the rules (or indeed the law) to get their way. That’s not right.

      But neither is it right for right-wingers in the Labour Party to force their preferred candidates on constituencies, whether they are wanted or not.

      What’s the solution?

  2. skwalker1964

    Thanks for the kind description!

    As for the followup comments, it seems anything but proven that there was any illegal activity, and I’m expecting that to turn out to be a fuss about nothing, just as the Morecambe Bay/CQC ‘cover-up’ was. Getting your members into the party to increase voting power is just common sense – the issue would be if they were ‘joined’ illegally, which is still in dispute as I understand it.

    I’m all for any legal method of gaining influence to ensure that Parliamentary Labour is staffed with real Labour MPs rather than Progress quasi-Tories, and a union that isn’t exploring every legal avenue for doing that isn’t doing its job properly, as I’ve stated.

    It would be extremely naive to think that the Tories, Big Business etc are not seeking influence in any way they can – and sometimes without regard for legality. Unions need to exert influence on behalf of their members to the maximum of their legal activity – and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Cameron’s posturing is both ridiculous and deeply cynical.

    Or that’s my opinion, at least.

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