2 thoughts on “Blog of Interest: Depression’s Collateral Damage

  1. b-b-p

    BROKEN BRITISH POLITICS – SUICIDE IN THE UK Having written to my MP asking how many suicides were committed after claimants had failed their ATOS assessment I was replied to by Mark Hoban the Employment Minister (ref:POS (2)10311/368)Dated 10/10/12 .It is one of six different replies from different MP’s on similar subjects concerning the WCA .Here is a small extract – “A large number of claimants with significant medical conditions are assessed by the WCA and it could be expected that a proportion might die unexpectedly as a result of their underlying medical condition .For example ,in 2009 in England and Wales the leading cause of death in males under 35 was suicide .In the 35-49 age group it was Ischaemic heart Disease followed by suicide. “ This was followed by two more paragraphs of rhetoric concerning Prof Harrington ect – so please forgive me if you find some of my posts cynical to say the least .I worked in mental health Care in the Community for 12 years so think I have an inkling of how the system works and why I don’t believe a word they say .

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