6 thoughts on “‘Fit to work’ man rushed to hospital

  1. Nick

    they keep saying the DWP in that it was his fault as he failed to supply ATOS with his medical information

    that is his doctors responsibility not his only his doctor can give this information out in a legal manor which would be fully understood by another doctor

  2. Sam Spruce (@samspruce)

    So when are we going to stop them? This is a crime against humanity let alone all the individuals. The Third Reich was doing this back in the 1930’s. Are we going to wait until it is too late?

  3. Shirl

    I am 52 Female have worked all my life i have been in chornic pain for 5 years i see the vasular surgeon on the 5th of Aug 2013. I have PVD im to the stage that i cant stand. i have to attend a Atos medcial on the 22nd of July im worried sick about because of the above.I want to work i dont want to be on benifits. but i dont have a choice im ill…. to be honest ive had enough of life im in too much pain and been in too much pain.The way im feeling Atos will put the last nail in my coffin i have no more strenth mentally or phycially . The Goverment say they will help you stay in work well ive had no help at all.but would would help me now is just to put me out my misery Good luck to everyone who needs it

    1. Nick

      shirl i am in the same boat and have been abused by the DWP for 33 years now even the police say I’ve done well but the reality is i haven’t as any long term pain sufferer will tell you it saps not only your physical strength but mental as well

      I have never been classed as fit for work by anyone but with the amount of form filling my carer does they could have fooled me

      you should try to get a carer on the nhs i know it’s difficult and there are those who have died that live local to me because of lack of care

      you have to pester your mp as he or she is the only person that can fight your corner there is no one else and in reality that’s all you have

      if you have family they could do this for you the only trouble here is that it will all get mixed up in bureaucracy and up ill themselves

      make sure your mp is up to speed on your case if you have any mental issues make sure they are being addressed and good luck

  4. Beebs

    Brilliant blog, however, concur with Nick. The whole system including Atos ESA50 designed to cull the sick.

    Massive collusion, from top down, doctors (with holding diagnosis, useless clinic letters, not offering in depth investigations, tests are only supportive of diagnosis, not the other way round), social workers, council workers, all public sector workers are involved here.

    Labour started it, and never forget what Margaret Hodge and David Blunkett said. No illness prevents anyone from working.

    Fact: Chronic illness – no cure exists from allopathic model. Meds make ones iller with side effects and trigger other disease states.

    Being weak and frail may not prevent someone from using their fingers, but going to work would be a killer, as is heat, cold weather, walking, etc..

    Massive corruption of diverted tax payers money in pockets of contractors, some of who are owned by party donors, politicians shareholders etc..

    Local councils are awash with funding. Looting and corruption is on the rise.

    Social policies are eugenic, and unless this is reversed, the trend will continue and expand to disabled babies, the disabled, the elderly, and unproductives.

    Slavery system will expand to all professions, regardless of social demographics except the elites.

    Sorry, if it sounds like Cassandra, here, unless realism of the magnitude of what is going on here, in the UK, is fully understood and acted upon, there will be no change.

    More importantly, unless the public perception alters to full realization, that they too, will suffer from those policies, there will be no change.

    And Nick, I feel like you, that I will be just a statistic…

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