3 thoughts on “Why ‘13,000 needless NHS deaths’ is more nonsense-propaganda

  1. denise clendinning

    what utter rubbish how do they get away with this and people believe these lies. the propaganda machine is working over time

  2. Iain

    Is there any way of bringing Skwalker’s claims and evidence to the attention of our MPs and getting them to investigate properly. Possibly with mass support from something like a 38 degrees campaign.
    If true this is a serious attempt to deceive and would seem reasonably easy to check out.
    I am writing to my local MP about this.

  3. Branwen Landreth

    I used to work for the NHS and believe me even with the cuts they have fewer errors than private medical companies. It is hardly surprising that the NHS is finding it hard to cope these days with all of the staffing and budget cuts, they are not miracle workers.

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