8 thoughts on “UPDATE – IDS WILL answer for misusing Stats

  1. Nick

    he wont however for legal reason be talking about the many hundreds of deaths of those going through the welfare reform process to avoid his department being charged with corporate manslaughter

      1. Nick

        Anne begg wont ask him that question that you can be assured of mike
        her secretary tells me this to be this case. It would open up a can of worms on live tv and anne will not have had time to gather the masses of evidence together in to how a person has died and in what circumstance

        only a coroner can say the cause of death he can not say what led up to the death unless there is a suicide note for example or the house is cluttered with DWP brown envelopes and he has read them and they are in context which might suggest that the deceased was under pressure at the time of death and does this give a clue in to the death heart for example

        someone with a heart/lung/asthma problem for example being put under pressure by the DWP leading to their death only the coroner can put a case forward into a unlawful killing

        The police only normally get involved with a suspicious death like suicide and a verdict given at a later date once a court has seen the evidence

        An accident by which an injury occurs to another.
        When applied to homicide, misadventure is the act of a man who, in the performance of a lawful act, without any intention to do harm, and after using proper precaution to prevent danger, unfortunately kills another person.

        IDS falls into this bracket he means no harm personally his department is fulfilling a lawful act without any intention to do harm, and after using proper precaution to prevent danger, unfortunately kills another person by negligent error

      2. Nick

        it is wrong mike but anne begg wont be asking him the one question

        how many people have died in going through the welfare reform process prematurely in which they were found fit for work but weren’t and died instead through the stress of it all in which there illness got worse up or those that committed suicide

        a very simple question mike for Anne begg to ask IDS

        she wont ask him that question because she’ll know that IDS will be guilty of a number of human rights crimes of which he will not be able to answer

        no one can at this time know what has happened to vast amounts of sick and disabled people we know via there absence from the blogs i attend to there dead but i don’t know on how they have died just that they have

        we will have to wait and see on what Anne wants IDS to speak on but you can be assured it wont be about welfare deaths or bedroom tax deaths

      3. mike


  2. Harry Kels

    I really do hope that this henious man be brought over the coals over his lying with the statistics he makes up and be shown what he really is and stands for.

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