Is there no limit to what this Government will privatise? UK’s blood supply sold to US equity firm Bain Capital

A secret deal to sell our blood. I have a feeling people will opt out of giving blood from now on. It’s supposed to help other people recover from illness and operations – not to make profit for some corporate vampire.
The fact that there was no consultation is indicative of this government’s contempt for democracy.

11 thoughts on “Is there no limit to what this Government will privatise? UK’s blood supply sold to US equity firm Bain Capital

  1. Linda Bruce

    I fear this will lead to more deaths. Already low stocks, this will stop people donating. How can they sell something that is not even theirs?

  2. Jennifer Harrison

    The Tories don’t care what the people think, they just do what they want. After all, we know that “Tory” stands for “money, money, money”

  3. Norman A

    Do these tossers not remember the HIV/Aids Scandal that infected 1200 Haemophiliacs, killing 800 and ruining the lives of the other 400? And that was dure to reliance on American supplied blood products.

    An example of placing your life in the hands of ‘for profit’ companies.

  4. Joanne Blake

    Many concerns come to mind at the thought of a company who cares very little about patient care and only about profit, (not that they seem to be doing very well on the profit side considering their debt). There record of care and addressing problems and correcting them rings alarm bells as to how they will take measures to ensure the blood is safe and stored correctly. I am not knowledged in the process but I know the only tests done prior to taken blood is to check sugar and iron levels to make sure the donator is going to be able to cope with the lose off blood. I was told on one occasion I could not as my iron level was low, not seriously low but below their guidelines. I don’t believe a money minded company would be so concerned for the donators health.
    Also I would assume the blood is checked for disease etc before it gets the green light to be used. Would you trust that this would be done every time, I wouldn’t. Nor would I trust the storage of blood. I don’t know what temperature it is stored at or how long its shelf life is. but we all know adjusting a thermostat can save or increase cost.
    Seeing how this company(part of), allowed abuse to occur to vulnerable people even having had warnings that a problem was occurring is not a company I would trust with any element of medical care. Failing to take the essential tests and storage guidelines could lead to deaths or spread of disease, diseases the donors may not even be aware of yet themselves.
    Companies like this will cut corners in my mind.
    They do not even pay tax at the moment but the government have seen it fit to take on this role, seeing how there are so many warning signs as to why any sensible minded person would say no, the only conclusion is that it is down to the large donation of money made by this company to the conservatives. More alarm bells.

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