2 thoughts on “Reclaiming Our Futures: 7 Days Of Action From Disabled People Against Cuts

  1. joanna

    Sorry to sound pessimistic but i suffer with deep paranoia, but what is the point of all this? No one listens, the condems aren’t suddenly going to see the light and it looks like labour is throwing their hats in the ring with them! and then camoron is bleating on about the new prince like he his the father, probably hoping that the royal birth will take off some of the heat! I can’t do my voluntary work helping offenders because it no longer exists because of the cuts, I might not have had a proper job but I was doing something worthwhile,(not one of my clients ever re-offended)!!! and I have a certificate of appreciation from the probation trust. Before that I had a childhood filled with abuse from the moment I was born. I was getting better but now I can’t see anything positive or beautiful in this world at all! I wish I cculd, I really do!!!! That said I still have an overwhelming urge to help others but this government has seriously tainted altruism and turned it into something to be ashamed of. I don’t expect you to keep this after moderating it but it feels good to let it out!!! After reading all of your posts you seem like a friend, not just to me but everyone of your readers.
    Thank you Mike

    1. Mike Sivier

      I think the point is to make it clear – not just to the government, but to the Opposition as well – that these policies are NOT universally welcomed; that they are opposed, and that people are willing to do whatever it takes to publicise that fact – even when we have national media that irrationally support the wrongdoers.

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