8 thoughts on “The Coalition’s biggest hits, Volume 1.

  1. Chris Tandy

    We didn’t vote for caMoron.
    We trod in him.
    And now he proves difficult to wipe from our shoe.

  2. kittysjones

    Sometimes, Mike, I have to try some humour out to ease the burden of witnessing and having to keep grim record of the coalitions’s very grim deeds. It’s a way of remembering how we were as a society before the onslaught and unravelling of our civilisation.

      1. kittysjones

        LOL! I was just a twinkle for some of the 60s. But I do remember the hope, the civil rights movements and how that spilled into the 70s. I was in the youth CND and Rock Against Racism movement, along with the Wood St Socialists in Bolton. Thatcher…. We often come full circle, don’t we.

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